=Choosing the Smartest Options in Debt Recovery

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In this case, you have the option of sending the debtor a letter regarding no contact. Such a letter should contain information about when you tried to contact the customer and in what case (in this case late payment of the invoice) and what your next steps will be.

The true Purpose

The purpose of the letter is to contact the debtor to explain the lack of payment and to settle the payment in an amicable way. In addition to standard information, it is also worth remembering the elements of persuasion, which are extremely important both in the letter about the lack of contact as well as in the request for payment. In debt recovery this happens to be a perfect option.

A week has passed? Two?

There is still no transfer. If you managed to establish direct contact with the contractor, do not interrupt him! In general, this is the stage at which various excuses appear, such as: because he is waiting for a transfer or unblocking funds, he is waiting for a tax refund, because someone has not paid him yet. For all such passwords there are no good answers, but it is worth noting that payment can under no circumstances depend on these external factors. The work was completed on time, so it should be paid on time.

Call for payment

The moment to take measurable actions has just arrived. These uninvolving forms such as telephone or mail have unfortunately proved to be ineffective for your stubborn client. It is the time for more formal steps. The first of these is first and foremost a payment request. Officially, for several years there is no formal requirement to send a call, because the invoice itself is such a call (specifies the date, amount, details of the transfer). However, it is an opportunity for us to resolve the dispute at an amicable stage.

How do you write a good payment request?

However, publicly available payment request forms have many serious shortcomings. They often contain only dry text who, how much and who to pay. They do not have too many elements of persuasion necessary after all at the stage when we want to convince an unreliable partner that he should pay us.

In the summons, in addition to the standard elements, it is therefore worth including information that the letter is a form of amicable settlement of the dispute, and in the event of failure to pay within the specified period the case will be referred to court. It is worth avoiding blurry statements: “it can be referred”, “we will consider referral”. The recipient must feel that the announced consequences are certain and unavoidable if the letter is ignored. We send the request and all correspondence to the contractor by registered mail. 


It is preferably with a return receipt. Knowing exactly which day the sender received the letter you will be able to calculate when the deadline indicated in the call will expire, after which it will be time to go to the final stage.