Creative Billboard Design Ideas That Will Stop Traffic

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Did you know that the average time someone spends commuting to work is just over 25 minutes in the United States?

All this time people spend on the road can help your business if you market effectively.

If you want to increase sales, you should consider designing a billboard that will make people notice your company. 

Read further to discover some of the most unique and eye-catching billboard design ideas that you can use! 


One of the most popular billboard design ideas this year involves 3D items.

By putting 3D items on your billboard, people’s eyes will get drawn to it. If you are close to the roads, this is an effective tactic that will practically reach out and grab people. Your sales will increase if customers notice you and this style won’t go unnoticed. 

Car dealerships and brands often use 3D cars made of cardboard on their boards that replicate the real thing. Another popular way people have seen this tactic used is when fast-food restaurants have fries poking out of the container. 


If your billboard location is surrounded by green grass, the ocean, or blue sky, you should embrace nature. 

You can cut silhouettes out of your billboard so that the image gets filled in with the natural colors of nature. This can help people notice the beauty of life and is often used for eco-friendly businesses and products. 

A reason that this is such a great option is that you can also save some money. Since you won’t need the extra material, it could be possible to get a discount!

You can embrace nature in other ways too, like with rain and sunlight. Solar power can get advertised on your billboards if you have an installation company, for example. If you have a good budget, you should also create a design that changes when it gets wet. 


When people think of billboards, they often imagine that they’re horizontal. 

Vertical billboards make a statement since they go against the traditional design. Beer companies often use these billboards when they market their new beer and bottles. Coffee shops are another business known for using vertical boards since they can neatly hold a cup. 

Keep in mind that there will be a few concerns with getting a vertical board. Although they are typically safe, some can break in half, especially if they are top-heavy. 


Have you ever looked at an old billboard, only to realize that it’s not old at all?

Making your billboard look damaged can advertise your company, especially if you work in construction or demo. You can make it look like the billboard frame is exposed when it’s the design of the board.

This design is so effective because people get worried about it breaking, only to discover your business. A fun way that the movie industry has used damaged billboards for marketing is having superheroes breaking the board open. 

You can also make the billboard look like it had water damage if you own a plumbing company. Some states even make a billboard look like it caught fire to help bring awareness to wildfires. 


If you want to make a statement with billboard advertising you should try the split trend.

When your design is too large to fit on one board, you can work with the board that is on each side of the road, next to each other. For example, if you own an ice cream shop and want to advertise your banana split, split the image on the billboards to draw attention from both sides. 

Another fun idea for splitting your billboard is by putting a zipper in the middle. Depending on the products and services you supply, try to find the most appropriate item

Place an Object on Top

If you don’t want to do a 3D concept, but still want to think outside of the frame, add something on top! 

You can use wiring to attach items to your billboard, whether you want them on the top or hanging from the sides. A great way that soccer teams have incorporated this design is by attaching a ball to the top. This helps make it appear as if the player was getting the ball. 

Don’t be afraid to think of an original item or person to place on top of your board. The more interesting and playful your board is, the quicker people will notice it on the streets. 

No Words Included 

There are already more than enough distractions on the road and if you don’t want to contribute, don’t include words.

Adding simple pictures to market your company or services can be more effective than information overload. The purpose of billboards is to get people to know your name and where to find you. Once the customers start coming in at seeing your minimalistic style board, you can share more details.

If the pictures won’t cut it, limit your words as much as possible. The simplicity will make your board look more visually appealing and easier for drivers to see. 

These Billboard Design Ideas Will Make People Brake

If you want to stop traffic and get people headed to your business, you need the best billboard design possible. 

Businesses are incorporating their services and products into billboards to show people what they are made of. Whether you want to make a statement with a vertical board or 3D figures, everyone will catch your name. 

Don’t forget to keep your billboard simple enough so that it doesn’t become a hazard on the road. 

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