Dazzling Dinner and Dance Themes You Will Surely Love

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The exciting and highly anticipated annual dinner and dance is considered a milestone event by most companies. After all, it is when employees and management come together to celebrate the company’s achievements and accomplishments. This much-awaited event can often take months to plan.

Dinner and dance organisers can make planning this type of event look easy. One of the first things organisers decide on is the event’s theme. This decision can help determine the venue styling as well as the programme. Dinner and dance organisers will also use the theme to determine the type of costumes guests should turn up in.

If you are in the process of brainstorming dinner and dance themes for your event, below are some of the most dazzling ideas you should consider:


If you are a fan of the classics, you can never go wrong with masquerade. This idea is also great for venues with nice exteriors (i.e., white colonial buildings). If the dinner and dance will be held indoors, ensure you have the floors and walls covered in red. It would also be a fun idea to require guests to wear masks that match the color of their outfits.

The Oscars

This is one event that will surely bring the glitz and glamor to your event. A good color scheme to play around with would be gold and silver. Of course, it won’t mimic an Oscars event without a giant Oscars trophy as your centerpiece. You can top everything off with a red carpet to make for a grand entrance.


If you want a more casual feel, Hawaiian would be the perfect fit. Since most consider Hawaii as the perfect vacation destination, prepare some leaf skirts and flower necklaces to get everyone in the zone. You can also add some seashells as decoration and take inspiration from Hawaiian movies to make everything appear more exciting.

Las Vegas

If you want a theme that’s fun, playful, and sexy, a Las Vegas theme would be a great idea. To bring the spirit of the gambling city to life, make sure to include the iconic green and red from Russian roulette. You can also design your poker chips to add more fun to the event.

The Great Gatsby

Want a classy theme that highlights the spirit of wealth? The Great Gatsby would be perfect. Take inspiration from the roaring 20s and create statement pieces that define the era including Moet & Chandon champagne bottles, black suits, low back dresses, and even Daisy’s pearl necklace. You can also play jazz to complete the ambiance.

Pink Party

As the name implies, this event goes all pink. Pick pink hues from cotton candy to create a subtle and sweet atmosphere or go for a dimly lit pink to create a punk vibe. This theme will work best for color-significant events like the Pink Dot or Breast Cancer Awareness month.


If you want something that’s otherworldly and unconventional, opt for outdoor event spaces. Bohemian themed dinner and dance are a favorite because of the stunning aesthetics. Exude a spirit of freedom by having the event in an open space like fields or by the shore where you will hear the sounds of crashing waves.

Toga Night

This is a favorite among lovers of Greek mythology. If you have watched the movie 300 or Hercules, this is something that will surely catch your fancy. What makes this theme great is the uniformity of the outfits. Everyone will likely come in white sheets and sandals and maybe a few laurel wreaths thrown in.