Different Ways To Check Your E Challan Status & Pay It Online

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Traffic rule violation is a common phenomenon in our country. No matter how strict the traffic rules get, ignoring traffic rules, overspeeding, and other frequent violations. While the government is trying every trick in the book to control these breaches, it is also making efforts to simplify paying the fines. Today, the traffic police department issues e-challan to violators. With this service, you can check your challan status online and pay it on the official portal hosted by the government. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to check your e challan status. Click here to know more about e challan status here

Simple Ways To Check Your E Challan Status Online 

Checking e challan status online and paying the amount takes a few minutes if you know how to proceed with the transaction. Most of us get confused, given the system is new and the portal is different in every state. Here are the steps you need to follow to check your e challan online. 

  • Go to the official website of your state transport department. The official portal named “E Challan Parivahan” also hosts this facility. However, it is better to rely upon state websites. 
  • Find the online challan payment section on the website. Since the interface of state websites may differ from one another, you need to be careful. 
  • Once done, select the violation you have committed mentioned in the drop-down list. 
  • The page will redirect to an online form where you need to fill in your e-challan number or your vehicle registration number. In some cases, the portal may also require your driving license number. 
  • Click submit after verifying all the information. 
  • The website will display the exact amount due on your e challan status. If you have previous unpaid challans, you will get to see a sum of all those due payments. 

Considerations While Checking E Challan Online 

Online payments are tricky and confusing, and this one is no less! Before making the payment, here are a few factors that you must consider. 

  • You should check the online amount and offline challan amount to ensure paying the exact sum. 
  • If the traffic police have detained your license, it is better to make an on-spot payment to avoid the hassle. Otherwise, you will have to go down to your local police station to retrieve your card. 
  • Enter the challan number carefully, or else you may end up paying someone else’s challan. Be careful while checking your e challan status. 

Tips To Use Convenient Payment Methods To Pay E Challan 

Once you have checked your e challan online, you can proceed to make the payment. Here are your options. 

  • You can use mobile wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, etc., to make the payment. This process is time-saving and convenient. You can either enter the details on the website where you are viewing the amount or use these applications to directly make the payment. 
  • The next alternative is using debit/credit cards to make the payment. In this case, you must be careful while entering the required details. 
  • Lastly, you can use the net banking method to make an instant online payment. Again, this process is tricky as you need to enter all the required details. 

The Bottom Line 

These simple steps will help you check your e challan status online conveniently. Although the most beneficial step is to desist from violating traffic rules, this simplified procedure will allow you to avoid any hassle. You can either make an on-spot payment or transact afterward, depending upon the instructions of the traffic guards. Enter the details and challan number carefully to avoid silly mistakes.