Divorce for Expats or Foreigners in Singapore | What Should You Know?

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Developing a strong feeling towards someone is not something we can control. It just happened. That is what falling in love with someone means. You do not fall in love for what they are, but for who they are. This situation often happens in Singapore, whereas the population of foreigners grows as the day passes. Many people here tie the knot with foreigners, vice versa. Some spend the rest of their lives happily ever after getting married, while others choose to go separate ways. Statistics show that the divorce cases for foreigners in Singapore increase. Last 2018, it went up to 40%, and it rises 1.12% each year. With those numbers, it is safe to say that you are not alone in this matter. Ending your marriage does not mean it is the end. It is only the beginning of a new chapter of your life. However, can you get a divorce as a foreigner nor ex-pat in this foreign land? Let us find out!

Can an Ex-pat or Foreigner File a Divorce in Singapore?

Yes, you can. However, the procedure of divorce in Singapore can be more complicated than it is for locals. If you are thinking about it, make sure you know the law and what your rights are.  As a result, you would understand better how it works and what you need to do.

What Are the Requirements for an Ex-pat or Foreigner to Get a Divorce in Singapore?

Divorce is a pressing issue to discuss. So, expect that it would be a lot trickier for you as a foreigner. You have to meet either one of these options before you become qualified to file one.

  • You or your spouse a natural-born citizen in Singapore
  • Either one of you is living in Singapore for at least three years

What Are the Grounds for an Ex-pat or Foreign Divorce?

It is the same as when locals file a divorce in Singapore. Not only have you to be married for at least three years, but you also have to prove that your marriage no longer works. It becomes something that you cannot repair anymore.

In case you are not familiar with what those grounds are, this article listed them below.

  • Your spouse voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others
  • Your spouse fails to perform their duties for at least two years
  • Both of you have been living separately for three years

If you are experiencing any of these three, you can use it to file a divorce. Even better if you can show some evidence to your divorce lawyer in Singapore. It would help speed up the procedure of divorce.

4 Legal Issues an Ex-pat or Foreigner Should Consider


  1. What must you do if your spouse revokes your dependent’s pass?

Since its cancellation takes effect right away, you have to prepare yourself. Once you pass has been cancelled you are no longer eligible to stay and live here in Singapore. You are only allowed to stay for a while, at least for 90 days. That is the short-term visit that the ICA will grace you.

If you want to stay here for a little longer, you can either apply for an interim injunction or a long-term visit. The former means you are against what your spouse has done. While the latter means, you can stay here for two years if you satisfy their criteria.

For a long-term visit, here is what you need to meet.

  • Your child is a natural-born citizen of Singapore
  • If your child is studying in Singapore and they have a student’s pass


  1. Can you stay after you got divorced?

It depends on your situation. If you have an employment permit, you can stay here within your contract period. However, if you obtain your work permit when you have your dependent’s pass, it will be revoked.

You will only be allowed to stay here for 90 days, and during that period you will need to look for a job. Or if you want, you can either re-apply an employment permit or choose to apply for permanent residence.

  1. Can your children be allowed to live in Singapore after you got divorced?

They can, especially if they already have become a permanent resident. In case they are not, they will be under the care and control of your spouse. Or of you, if you have an employment permit. Besides that, your child can apply for a student’s pass if they wish to study here in Singapore. However, only if they are 21 years old and above. Below than that, they will be under you or your spouse jurisdiction.

  1. Can you move your children out of Singapore?

You can, but there are two things you must do. First, get written consent from your ex-spouse and approval from the court. If you obtain these two, you can travel with your children for more than a month.

Do You Have More Questions AboutDivorce for Ex-pats or Foreigners in Singapore?

If you do, it would be a good idea to get a divorce lawyer in Singapore. Not only do they know better what to do, but they can also explain to you the procedure of divorce in Singapore. So, make sure to search for a reliable one. That way, you know for sure that the information you got is right.

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