Divorce Procedure in Singapore: How to Prepare for It?

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In one lifetime, we get to face more than one challenge. These are somewhat called tests of faith, but faith here means faith in yourself. You ask yourself questions like, “can I still go on?” or “is there a future for me without this person?” There is never one way to prepare yourself for these types of trials, especially if what you are going through is a divorce in Singapore. Its procedure not only drains you emotionally, but it also challenges your other strengths when it comes to the overwhelming paperwork that needs to be done. 

This procedure is not accomplished by taking one linear road. You would encounter u-turns, crossroads, among others before you get to your destination of peace. Fortunately, you can ask people for help to guide you through this challenging part of your life. Take this article as your guide as well! Here, you will know some ways on how you can prepare for your divorce procedure so that you would feel overwhelmed.

What You Should Do

Whether you would have a contested or uncontested divorce, you will undergo a two-stage process according to the laws of Singapore. In the first stage, also known as the dissolution of marriage, the court will decide whether your marriage has met the eligibility for the divorce and your marriage has been “irretrievably broken down.” It means that you would have to provide the court with documents that present legal grounds for divorce. They would be among the following:

  1. Adultery – it is where your partner or the other party has committed adultery, and you can no longer live with them.
  1. Unreasonable behaviour – it is when your partner has behaved in such a way that you cannot, in any reason possible, live with them anymore.
  1. Desertion – it is when your partner has deserted you for at least two years.
  1. Separation – both of you have separated for at least four years (or three years if your partner consents to the divorce).

These are the initial requirements for filing a divorce in Singapore, but it does not stop there because there is an application process, too. These could be overwhelming and you would need the help of an experienced professional to help you out.

Get a Divorce Lawyer

Once you have identified your grounds for the divorce, a way you can start the process in getting a divorce lawyer in Singapore. They have handled many clients before you which allows them to know how the procedure will happen. In this way, you would already know what to expect and you would know what to do when problems arise. When finding a divorce lawyer, you should look for someone who is:

  • Skilled and experienced

A divorce lawyer cannot guide you through the process when they are only experiencing the divorce procedure for the first time. Trust in someone who is already skilled and experienced with this court procedure.

  • Good communication skills

While being an active listener is a quality that you also want in a divorce lawyer, you should also look for someone who can simplify terms and conditions in the legal procedures. 

  • Availability

You must know that you might not be the only client that your divorce lawyer would be currently handling. Nonetheless, they should be able to give you ample time to discuss matters of your divorce procedure. 

With a trustworthy and reliable divorce lawyer, the procedure would be manageable, especially at your end. If you have a daytime job, express to your lawyer that you need to dedicate some time with your work. Your children must also be your top priority in these times, so don’t forget to discuss with them what is happening between you and your partner.

Know Your Assets

Once the first stage is over, or they have not contested your filling of the divorce, it is when the second stage of the divorce procedure happens. The second stage of this procedure is called ancillary matters. It is when both parties are required to file their Affidavits of Assets and Means. Here, you will disclose all assets or liabilities, income, and expenditures. 

Once you have discussed with your lawyer about your affidavits, you would be able to receive what has been rightfully yours. It may include an agreed parenting plan, HDB flat, among other properties.

Emotional Preparation

During a divorce procedure, you can get more help aside from legal matters. You must nurture your emotional discipline and prepare yourself for the difficulties that you will encounter in this trying time. What you can do is learn methods on how you can successfully deal with overwhelming emotions. Here are some ways you can achieve emotional preparedness:

  1. Understand yourself

When you say you understand yourself, it takes more than knowing what you want and what you want to accomplish. It is also knowing your weaknesses and what you do to address each of them.

  1. Practise accountability

Filling out for divorce not only takes a toll on you but also your children. Accept this responsibility for what you are doing and how you do it because, in the end, your children would remember this moment in their lives. Find ways you can prevent their trauma, such as getting therapy for the family.

  1. Take care of your body

Your body and mind are interconnected. So, when you neglect your body, your mind is affected too. Staying fit by doing daily exercise or meditation would have a great impact on improving your emotional health. Remember to always have proper rest and healthy habits to keep your emotions balanced.

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