Flowers For You: Your Guide To Choosing An Online Florist In Singapore

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The thought of buying a bouquet from an online florist in Singapore can be exciting and a bit intimidating at the same time. Even though purchasing flowers online has been an ongoing trend for years, it has become more popular since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With almost everyone staying at home due to the lockdown, many people contemplated how they would celebrate momentous events in their lives when going out and having fun outside in person is not possible.

This change in everyone’s lives nudges them to commemorate digital by hosting a virtual event and sending a rose bouquet or other types to celebrants in Singapore. It has become an alternative way to uplift the moods of loved ones and reassure them that this COVID-19 pandemic will soon end someday.

Listed below are the other reasons why buying flowers has become more prevalent during this health crisis.

    • Limited hospital visits
    • Flowers relieve the stress of WFH employees
    • Reassure loved one

1. Order From A Local Online Florist

When simply searching for an online florist, search engines will show results from various places. If you are not keen on their location, you might choose an online florist far away from your home, let alone the country where you are.

To prevent this from happening, consider being specific with your searches. If you are looking for an online florist somewhere in Singapore, consider adding the district where you plan to deliver it. Doing so guarantees the flowers will arrive fresher than ever and you assure that the delivery fee is much cheaper.

2. Seek Word Of Mouth Referral

Even though search engines like Google provide the most relevant information about your search intent, you cannot assure if the ones on search engine result pages are someone or something you can trust.

When it comes to finding a reliable online florist, a word of mouth referral is more dependable. Asking the opinion of your family, friends, and even colleagues can give you more peace of mind that the one they refer to offers quality products and services.

3. Consider The Distance

If you are looking for the same day flower delivery service in Singapore, you need to consider the distance between the shop of your chosen online florist and your home. The closer they are to your delivery address, the better. That means you can expect to get your order much earlier, and you would not have to wait for long.

Most of the time, when it comes to same day flower delivery service, it will take more or less 2 hours. Remember to order your flowers with that allowance to guarantee you will receive them on time.

4. Establish Your Flower Style

Every online florist excels in a specific flower style like a tall, extravagant centrepiece or bouquet. If you do not establish what you want to get, choosing among the flower arrangements they offer might take you a while.

To prevent that, consider searching for some inspiration flower styles on Pinterest so you can show this to your chosen online florist and ask them if they can accomplish flower arrangements for you.

While you are establishing your flower style, consider researching the meaning behind the flowers. Doing so will make your flowers more special when you give them to your loved ones.

5. Create Your Floral Budget

Since flowers like a rose bouquet are not cheap, you need to create and set your floral budget, especially if you plan to buy in bulk. Doing so will help you not go beyond what you can afford.

Consider comparing the rates between one online florist to another in Singapore to know how much you should spend.

6. Read Customer Reviews



Another way to find out if the online florist of your choice is trustworthy enough for you to purchase flowers from them is to read customer reviews. These are personal feedback from previous and existing customers that describes how good their purchase is. Reading a couple of customer reviews will help you determine whether or not you should get fresh flowers from your preferred online florist.

If you cannot find any customer reviews from the website of your chosen online florist, you might find some on their Google My Business and Facebook Business page.

7. Mind The Payment Options

With the ongoing pandemic, it is advisable to opt for a cashless option. Doing so allows you to receive the flowers you ordered without paying cash on delivery, which guarantees you will become less susceptible to virus transmission.

Make sure to choose an online florist in Singapore that offers other payment options besides cash on delivery, such as:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • EWallet

8. Ask About The Replacement Policy

Flowers, like food, are perishable. That means they can go bad over time. The rose bouquet you may buy might not appear exactly like the one on the picture posted on the online florist’s website when it reaches your doorsteps.

Before this occurs with your flower purchase, consider asking the online florist if they will take liability. If they said yes, find out what they were going to compensate you for the inconvenience.

Be Smart Choosing An Online Florist In Singapore!

Relieving your loved ones from anxiety with flowers puts their minds at ease and can make you feel more relaxed and happy. Wisely choose the right online florist so you can help you take away their worries as this pandemic continues.


 Guarantee that by taking your time and thinking through the factors mentioned above. You will know which one you should trust and get fresh flowers for your loved ones. Consider also the factors mentioned when buying condolence flowers in Singapore.

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