Google Camera for awesome night photos

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“I like what I see and what I see is what I get” is really what we go for when it comes to pictures taken and videos recorded by a Camera. The mastermind researcher behind this successful App is Marc Levoy.

Holding a high definition camera, taking snapshots and videos like an enthusiastic photographer cum Videographer, trying to look great and even try to make everything around you look attractive and amazing in your smartphone gallery just makes scrolling through it more satisfying. We want that perfect picture and that outstanding high-quality video. I mean who doesn’t love to be an actor in their own space right? Even if it’s only you, you want to feel happy and confident about the way you look and be content with what is yours. So be extremely happy about having Google Camera on your mobile phone because this APP isn’t going to disappoint your perfect moment!

Google Camera allows you to take exceptionally good pictures and videos and to make them look even better after they are taken. This is owing all to its fantastic features and those are Portrait, Night sight, Panorama, Slow motion, photo sphere and the video stabilization modes.

You can easily install this app on your pixel phone using default app store or Google play store. If you want to install this camera app on other Android devices try using AC Market. AC Market offers mod Android apps and games for free.

Best Android Camera App

Why Google Camera (Gcam) so good? Gcam is far better than any stock cam app in every possible way. You will notice a dramatic difference in its texture and detail quality and how it delivers faultless images. Thanks to phase detection autofocus built in the sensor each shot in a burst mode sequence would look sharp and clear. Hence, there’s no doubt about Gcam being the best. You can also speak to it and say something like “Ok Google take a picture in 10 seconds”

The Plus points about Google Camera is its simplistic interface, well planned, almost zero to very rare shooting modes like Lens Blur and 360 panoramas and works well on different varieties of devices and gcam is completely safe which adds up to its Pros list.

This is why you must use it and not your ordinary phone camera. Besides, High Dynamic range Cameras cost so much money and let’s be honest here that not all of us have the privilege to own both an expensive phone and camera so instead we are given the access to use these well performing Apps which is totally cost free.

Whether it’s you, your friends, your pets, your neighborhood or simply the beautiful scenery that needs to get stored into your collection can be easily done by Google Camera. You can share your photo collection with parents or with friends far away using Filelinked. You can create your own photo store using Filelinked and share with anyone using Filelinked code. Try it today, it is completely free. 

It’s obvious enough how these marvelous Apps set the bar high on what we need to expect from innovative software developers and researchers. “1,2,3 Smile! Because you got a Camera that’s worthwhile.”