Android TV BOX Launcher

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When it comes to Android TV, amount of diversity is very high. It is because Android TV operating system is free and open source. Anyone can use it. As a result, you may find many Android TV boxes. However, TV boxes with Google services are the most popular. Because those devices natively support YouTube, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube TV, Play music and all Google services. There are other TV boxes like Amazon Fire TV. All Fire TV devices like Fire TV stick, Fire TV cube, Fire TV Stick 4K and all comes with its own TV launcher and services.

Android TV with Google services comes with default Android TV launcher that you may familiar with. However, many does not like use it. When you open TV box you are presented with lots of advertisements about movies, TV shows and more. Many like to have clean home screen on their TV box. There are not many free TV launchers that work on all most all TV boxes.

This is not only TV based launcher. If you want to run this launcher on your phone or tab, you can use play store or AC Market application. Use one of your favorite app stores to install this launcher on your phone or tab.

ATV Launcher for Android TV

ATV is a simple fast Android TV launcher that is available for free. You can easily install this launcher and use it. No need to follow hard procedures like installing HAL Launcher and etc.  Below listed some features of this launcher.

  • Support Android widgets. You can nicely customize your TV home screen like your phone with awesome widgets.
  • Better navigation with D-pad optimizations. Easily navigate among apps or tiles using D-pad.
  • Customize Tiles. You can change color, change image of an app or widget. You can change its transparency to give modern look.
  • You can easily change your Android TV wallpaper using ATV launcher. There are many TV boxes that does not allows to change home screen image. Easily change your TV box home screen image or wallpaper.

Above listed only few features. You can download this launcher from Google play store and enjoy. Support all most all Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV pro, H95X series, SkyStream and more. However, there are many Android TV boxes without Play store application. You can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV on those devices. If you are unable to find Filelinked code for ATV launcher you can use Aptoide TV.

Running a launcher and other applications may slow down your device. In that case you can use clean master or AVG Cleaner to close all opened apps to boost device performance.