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Landed house, apartment, and condominium units; these three are the most common housing in Singapore. Yet, among the three, condominiums have become more popular to many these past years.

Generally, condo living emulates convenience, efficiency, comfort, aesthetics, and affordability. If you are always on the go, condominiums are for you.

But do you know that you can also include the element of nature and a healthy environment in your condo living? Because of the worsening climate change, many people advocate for green living and have applied this discipline in their condominiums, thus giving birth to green condo interior design in Singapore. But what is green living, and how can you practise it to your HDB interior design?

How To Achieve A Green Condo Living

Before we discuss how you can achieve green condo living, let us tackle first the definition of green living.

What is green living?

Green living comes in many names. Some call it sustainable living, while others know it as eco-friendly living. Green living is a concept that aims to reduce the negative impacts of typical lifestyle practices on the environment.

People apply this concept by making sustainable lifestyle choices, such as eating organic food, travelling by foot, and sustainable consumerism. Some people extend this concept in their houses. Some people hire an interior design firm to help them with acondo renovation in Singapore. The question is: how can a person make his home an extension of green living?

5 Ways To Make Your Condo Green

Transitioning to green condo living can be tedious at first, but it is highly doable and bearable.

●    Energy-efficient appliances

The easiest way to achieve green condo living is by choosing energy-efficient appliances.

Air conditioning units are one of the household appliances that produce the most carbon footprint. Energy-efficient appliances reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve power, and are cost-effective. You will know if the equipment is energy-efficient if it has the Energy Star label.

You can switch your kitchen appliances with energy star certified appliances during your kitchen renovation in Singapore.

●    Resources conservation

There are many ways to conserve your resources at your condominium. Although LED light bulbs are best to reduce electricity costs, you can maximise it by taking advantage of natural light.

People who had a condo renovation in Singapore emphasised the importance of windows. Vast windows with sheer drapes help illuminate the condo with natural light.

On the other hand, low-flow and high-pressure showerheads and faucets, dual flush, and water-saving toilets promote water conservation by limiting and recycling water use.

●    Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are also becoming more popular in HDB interior designand households.

The most common and available renewable energy source in Singapore are solar panels. There are power providers in Singapore that provide solar power packages and installation to Singaporeans.

Using solar power reduces the usual electricity consumption. It is also easy to maintain and non-polluting.

●    Upcycling and recycling

Condo interior design renovation in Singaporeis the best time to apply massive upcycling and recycling practices. Homeowners can ask for help from an interior design firm to find ways to reuse or upcycle old furniture without compromising the style and aesthetics of the HDB interior design.

The owners themselves can ask for reclaimed wood and lumber for the floor, beams, tables, and other furniture.

Reusing, recycling, and upcycling materials reduce waste and are cost-effective.

●    Urban gardening

Urban gardening has many benefits for homeowners.

Firstly, it adds an aesthetic to the HDB interior design. Having indoor and ornamental plants not only beautifies the home but also helps improve indoor air quality.

Secondly, it significantly contributes to the food security of the household. Many people who had akitchen renovation in Singaporeallocate space for their herb garden.

Lastly, an urban garden reduces the urban heat island effect. The urban heat islands have warmer temperatures than their neighbouring areas due to heavy concentrations of concrete infrastructures and less vegetation. Cities and metropolitan areas often experience the urban heat island effect.

Now that you know how to achieve green condo living, the remaining question is: is it beneficial to have a sustainable lifestyle?


The Astounding Benefits Of Green Living

Switching to sustainable living can be tedious, sometimes a little overwhelming at the start. However, the long term benefits of green living outweigh the things you have to sacrifice and eliminate for it. The benefits range beyond aesthetically pleasing HDB interior design and cost-effectiveness. Here are the advantages of sustainable condo living.

Reduce pollution

Using Energy Star certified appliances is already a massive step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Opting for renewable energy means you decrease the demand for electricity that requires the burning of fossil fuel. Lastly, recycling, upcycling, and reducing mean less waste on landfills and oceans.

Healthier body

Having your vegetable and herb garden after kitchen renovation in Singapore means you eat healthier produce. Unfortunately, some products available in the market use chemical fertilisers and insecticides that can be harmful to health. Growing your food using organic fertilisers is much safer and healthier.

Furthermore, less air pollution means healthier and cleaner air to breathe in.


Energy-efficient appliances and solar panels reduce your monthly electricity bill. A condo interior design in Singapore that capitalises on natural light and natural airflow and ventilation lessens the need to use lighting fixtures and air conditioning units.

Moreover, producing your ingredients in your urban garden eliminates the need to buy basic food in the market.

Lastly, you don’t have to buy new and more expensive furniture and materials if you reuse, recycle, and upcycle your household items.

Curb Climate Change

Imagine if every condo owner in the world practised green condo living; the little steps in achieving sustainable living could have an enormous impact in curbing climate change effects. 

Conserving power and natural resources, reducing carbon footprint, and waste management will help mitigate global warming.


Today is the right time to act on climate change. You can do it in your small ways through a green condo living in Singapore. What are you waiting for? Contact your interior design firm and pull off eco-friendly condo living.

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