10 Interior Design Styles That Suit Every Singapore Home

The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense challenges that no one saw coming. Everyone is prohibited to go outside and everything is better done inside. The offices where we work, the schools where our children learn, and even the restaurants where we spend our time off are either closed or operating under limited activities for the foreseeable future. Because of how much time we spend indoors for the past couple of months, the residential interior design of our homes in Singapore starts to look and feel outdated.

If you are one of the householders who wish for a refreshing interior renovation in Singapore, here are ten interior design styles that will inspire your vision:

Modern Luxury

Characterised by sophistication and simplicity, the Modern Luxury style is often seen in condo interior design plans in Singapore is heavily influenced by Modern arrangements. This unique layout is represented by a lush mixture of textures with a neutral and metallic colour palette.

To achieve the Modern Luxury style, combine streamlined details with organic materials to elevate the residential interior design of your Singapore abode. Modern Luxury interiors feature a variety of natural elements like wood and stone to exude a striking and upscaled look. 



Contemporary and Modern residential interior design styles are interchanged in Singapore more often than designers would like. Unlike Modern layouts, Contemporary plans are fluid and continuously evolving according to the trends of today. What you thought was Contemporary ten years ago is not the Contemporary style that everyone loves right at this moment.

Contemporary design can also borrow ideas from other style types. An HDB with a Contemporary interior design in Singapore can have the contradicting quality of a Mid-Century Modern while exuding the clean lines of the Minimalist style. 



Modern residential architecture and interior design in Singapore is represented by sleek geometric lines and functional simplicity. Designers utilise space by incorporating built-in furnishings and hidden compartments. There is also a noticeable absence of intricate detailing or eye-catching decor with this design style.

House or condo owners achieve the modern interior design in Singapore by heavily incorporating glass and steel materials into their homes. They also utilise black and white paint colours with splashes of primary hues such as radiant red and brilliant blue.

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/Yhsxdwf/An-image-of-a-living-room-with-an-egg-chair-and-a-croissant-sofa.png” alt=”An-image-of-a-living-room-with-an-egg-chair-and-a-croissant-sofa” border=”0″ />

Mid-Century Modern

The years 1940s to 1970s gave life to the Mid-Century Modern design that is still well-loved today. Mismatched textures, gentle curves, and organic shapes represent this style. A Singapore house with a Mid-Century Modern interior design will have wood or wood veneer elements incorporated with plastic and acrylic.

Mid-Century Modern homes are also known for their eccentric furniture pieces such as egg chairs and croissant sofas. Most interior design package options in Singapore include design consultations that can guide you in picking the appropriate furniture for a Mid-Century Modern style.



Urban residential interior design in Singapore is also known as soft industrial. This style draws emphasis on details and elements that represent the rough look and feel of the city. A mixture of black, white, and grey with pops of muted blues, oranges, and yellows is the primary colour palette of an urban style.

If you are planning for an interior renovation that will turn your Singapore dwelling into an urban paradise, use a combination of strong lines and dark colours with a few bohemian pieces that tones the boldness down.



Industrial design is known and loved for exposing building materials that are often hidden behind walls, ceilings, and floors. A Singapore house or flat with an industrial interior design proudly features rough bricks and steel pipes that add character to the space.

An open-concept HDB flat works with an interior design in Singapore that leans toward the industrial style. The expansive space is broken by modern and repurposed furniture in black, white, and grey or silver colours with hints of browns, reds, or even clear or transparent elements.


Art Deco

The bold and engaging style of Art Deco was born in the 1920s after the war between Europe and America. This residential interior design can be seen in Singapore as styles that highlight metallics and geometric graphic prints.

Having an Art Deco house or condo interior design in Singapore means having a lot of decor with jagged or pointed edges. Your furniture should also have strong curves with layered designs complemented by brass, steel, bronze, or chrome fittings.


Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is one of the most popular styles in most Singapore house or flat interior design plans. It is loved for its cosiness and femininity. It is a prevalent reinterpretation of the traditional British home design first seen in the 1980s.

To turn your home into a Shabby Chic wonderland, devise a plan during the interior renovation of your Singapore space that highlights the abundance of antique furniture and vintage decor. You can also include rustic wicker, wrought iron, and weathered wood to incorporate the warm and laid-back vibes of the Shabby Chic.



Minimalism eliminates clutter and puts the spotlight on couches, tables, light fixtures, and other furniture necessary for practical living. A Minimalist Singapore house focuses on an interior design that banks on simplicity and functionality by stripping the layout down to the bare necessities.

Every house or condo with a minimalist interior design in Singapore utilises a monochromatic palette adorned with very few decorative elements. Influenced by a Japanese Zen philosophy, Minimalism celebrates space and lack of embellishments.



Another style that focuses on simplicity is the Scandinavian design. This design has the clean and streamlined qualities of a minimalist space mixed with the inviting mood of a residential interior design in Singapore.

Hardwood floors and black, white, and deep blue textiles characterise the Scandinavian style. Most furniture and ornaments in every Singapore house with a Scandinavian interior design feature organic shapes and neat detailing, drawing inspiration from Mid-Century layouts.

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