How To Choose A Suitable Shipping Container!

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It is not always easy to choose the appropriate packaging for the optimal protection of your objects. To avoid being the victim of damage or loss, here are some tips like using shipping Tape and recommendations concerning the few precautions to take to achieve well-protected and resistant packaging.

Thus, every day millions of parcels or envelopes are sent. To avoid, or at least limit, these risks as much as possible, it is essential to respect certain criteria to ensure that you have resistant and successful shipping packaging! First of all, it is important to know that the appropriate packaging is chosen according to 2 key parameters:

  • The type of object/commodity
  • The type of transport and storage

Appropriate Packaging For Each Object

It is important to choose the right type of packaging like Brandt Box for example for your different items to be sent. You must therefore choose a medium that is adapted to their:

  • cut
  • shape
  • weight
  • fragility
  • resistance (to temperature variations, shocks, impacts, etc.)

Depending on these criteria, different packaging solutions are available to you:

  • Postal envelope: cardboard envelope or bubble envelope
  • Plastic bag
  • Bubble bag
  • Post box
  • Shipping case
  • mailing tube
  • Cardboard packaging (single or double cardboard, corrugated cardboard, etc.)

Achieve Perfect Shipping Packaging

To properly protect your parcels and shipments of all kinds, you must therefore choose the type of packaging that best suits your objects: a cardboard box, an envelope, or even a post office box adapted to the content and, therefore, to the type of object (shape, size, weight, fragility, etc.). Here are the essential steps for successful packaging.

Content Protection

It is important to provide adequate protection depending on its fragility and shape (sharp angles or difficult to fit in conventional packaging, for example). Here are some examples of cushioning and cushioning materials specially designed to obtain optimal and protected shipping packaging:

Bubble wrap: protective, resistant, and economical, it is a very effective means of protection for packaging of all kinds (suitable for objects of all sizes and shapes)

Kraft paper: this is a strong and tear-resistant wrapping and protection paper. It allows you to wedge the inside of the supports to improve the resistance of your packaging and therefore protect its contents.

Corrugated cardboard: cardboard is a light, rigid material, very resistant to shocks and climatic variations, which makes it an ideal protective material

Wedging Particles

Cardboard sheaths, protective corners, spacers, etc.

To choose the perfect packaging size, you must also consider the cushioning materials you will add. The objects must be stable inside the packaging without moving to avoid any risk of damage and breakage.