How to Choose the Best Thermal Printer

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Choosing the right type of thermal printer is an essential process to ensure that all of your needs are adequately met. Although knowing what criteria to look for pricing difficult, the process isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Let’s explore everything you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the thermal printer that’s best for you.

Printer Resolution

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll need to choose a thermal printer with a sufficient resolution in order to get the most utility out of it. Otherwise, you run the risk of achieving subpar results from your printing efforts.

Since thermal printers are mostly used for business endeavors, this could lead to dissatisfied clients or customers and strain the relationship you have with your audience.

It’s also worth noting that although higher resolution printers are more expensive, you’ll end up paying more in the long run if you attempt to circumnavigate issues caused by low resolution. Keep this in mind when making your decision so that you can provide the highest quality label possible. 

Printer Volume

Unfortunately, having a high-resolution resolution printer won’t mean much if it’s unable to keep up with your volume demands. As previously mentioned, this could have an adverse effect on both your company’s performance and reputation.

But, there’s something else that you need to keep in mind when taking volume into consideration— it’s best to choose a printer that will be able to handle the needs of your company as it scales as opposed to your company’s current volume.

Otherwise, you’ll likely end up needing to buy a separate printer as your business grows. You can visit this resource by Jet Advice to get a better idea of what type of device you should be looking for. 

Overall Speed

Speed is one of the most important attributes to keep in mind when browsing for a thermal label printer that’s right for you. Since labeling products is a crucial part of a company’s shipping process, you’ll be limited by how quickly your printer is able to create labels.

So, let’s assume that you have 1000 products that need to be tagged with a thermal label. But, it takes your current printer approximately three to four hours to print this many labels.

Without finding a way to increase your overall speed, the rest of the process is stalled until printing is completed. However, let’s assume that you then purchase a printer that can handle this amount of volume in only one hour. From here, you’ll drastically increase your production efficiency and be able to reap the rewards that better performance brings.


The printer is only as good as its usability. Even if it’s key attributes include a notably high speed and production volume, it might not be the ideal option if you have difficulty working with the device.

For example, a common issue that many entrepreneurs experience with several printers is connectivity. In many cases, they simply aren’t able to get their printer to connect to other devices no matter how much to try.

Since this problem could have a large array of different causes, it makes it even more frustrating to deal with. Similarly, the printer should be fairly intuitive to use.

This means that many you should be able to navigate it seamlessly, it should have a high-quality LCD display, etc. Although not entirely necessary, choosing a thermal printer with mobile printing capabilities will also help you save a significant other time.

So, it’s highly recommended that you spend time researching the usability of the product before you make a decision. 

Does It Meet Your Other Needs?

Of course, it’s also imperative that you consider the other needs of your business before choosing a printer. Most importantly, you’ll need to find one that can work with a wide variety of label sizes so that you can use the same device for all of your printing needs.

Additionally, an amenity like an automatic label cutter can significantly help you streamline your production process. This is particularly true for companies that print large volumes of labels at once, as the time spent manually cutting them can quickly add up and detract from other internal processs.

Some printers are also specifically designed for certain types of products. For example, there are devices that are ideal for printing receipts that may not meet your other label printing needs.

Similarly, printers that specialize in wide format printing may not offer the same level of quality as a printer that’s meant for smaller labels. Since choosing the wrong pressure can lead to a handful of inconveniences the adversely affect your company, you want to make the right decision the first time.

By using a printer that meets all of your needs simultaneously, you can avoid issues down the road that can easily result in both lost time and lost money. Since even a short period of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost productivity, this is an imperative concern to keep in mind. 

Choosing The Right Thermal Printer Can Seem Difficult

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to ensure that the thermal printer you choose provides all the utility that it should. Want to learn more info you should keep in mind? Be sure to explore what the rest of our blog has to offer.