How to make money with digital photography

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Do you love to take pictures? If so, there are new opportunities every day popping up online that you can make money with your passion. Whether you’re in it for the fun or the profit, here are some ways to make money with photography.

1. Sell your pictures on stock photo sites

There are many different stock photo sites that you can sell your pictures on. Before choosing a stock photo site, do some research! Since you will be selling your photos, they must be found and sold. The smaller the site, the less chance you have of making money. The larger the stock photo sites, the less your profit will be per photo.

2. Create your own stock photo site

On the other hand, you can create your own stock photo site. You do need to know how to develop your site and make a platform for people to visit daily. It takes time and money, but it is a great way to get your pictures out and make money if you have the resources.

3. Create eBooks with your photos in them

The cost of creating an eBook is small, and the profit you make from them is great; you could discover more here. You can sell them on Amazon or through several other eBook retail sites. People who buy your book will be getting a product that you have put your heart into. Not only will they be able to make money from the sales, but you can also use the exposure as an opportunity to sell more of your photos.

It’s all about the subject matter when you’re making living selling photos

The one thing that will make or break your photography selling business is your photos’ subject matter. If your photos are too generic or you’re trying to sell something that has nothing to do with your area of expertise, you’re not going to be very successful in making money. It’s like selling a book about cars, but the cover is a picture of flowers. It doesn’t make sense. You want to be sure to sell your photos that have something to do with what you know and do successfully.

Price your pictures to sell in the early days of your career

You need to get some sales under your belt before people know who you are as a photographer. The way you achieve this is by selling your photos cheaper than everyone else. Once someone knows who you are and how good your work is, they will be willing to pay more for your images. It’s the same with anything else – the more successful you are, the higher you can price your products. To make money with your hobby, you need to approach it as a business. Some love to take pictures and would never think of it as being a job, but if you take it seriously and do market research, there are many ways that you can make money with photography. Always keep your camera close by so that you can capture that once-in-a-lifetime photograph that could put some cash in your pocket.