How we pivoted during COVID

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The unprecedented times that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought people across the country feelings of fear, tragedy, doubt and uncertainty. As lockdown measures are taken across the world, most of humanity has been taking the necessary precautions to “flatten the curve”, so that life can back to normal and so that people are free to roam without fear again.

The lockdown measures across the planet have created unimaginable stress on businesses that depend on foot traffic and consumerism to stay alive. This has put the livelyhood of every day people even more at risk as businesses make cuts to mitigate the unavoidable damage that the pandemic has brought to the economy.

Entrepreneurs and small business have been struggling to find ways to pivot as everyday business comes to screeching halt. All of the sudden businesses are closed, customer service lines are down, and supply chains have come to halt. Consumers are behaving entirely differently than they were just months before, and people are generally keeping their money close to their chests during this uncertain times.

It has made it increasingly difficult to generate any sort of profit and keep things moving and growing. One entrepreneur though, has been able to find ways to leverage the times to serve his clients and grow his business. Michael Valor, CEO and founder of Valor Media, says that business is booming, and here are a few reasons why, “We sell attention, whether its on huge podcasts, or TV networks, or huge social media campaigns that generate hundreds of thousands of impressions and follows, we sell what businesses are starving for right now which is their consumers attention as they spend more time online. We have access to those channels, so during this time we went all in on showing our clients the value of doubling down on their efforts online. Not only has it brought great business for us, it has created tremendous results for our clients. In the last few weeks we have some of the happiest customers on the planet in my opinion because we are helping them win during a time where no one else is winning.”

He goes on to say, “My tip to any business is to use this time to go more digital. “Imagine for a second a totally digital world. Imagine digital land and digital air… literally imagine a hologram of the planet. Now, imagine if I told you that the real estate on this world was valuable, because the more real estate you had in this digital world, the more attention you would gain, and therefor the more money you would make. Now, Imagine if I told you that the way you get more real estate is by getting more attention and having more people ‘subscribe’ to your ‘feed’. What would be the most logical thing to do in this world? It would be to find a way to get as much attention as possible so that you can land grab and claim as much real estate as you can. That is precisely what is happening right now. And it is happening wether we agree it’s important or not, companies are spending millions of dollars to capture that attention and get people to subscribe to their channels, claiming thousands and thousands of ‘digital acres’ online.”

We can only agree with Valor’s sentiments. As the internet continues to integrate into our economy, businessses small and large need to continue to find ways to be successful online.

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