Interior Design 101: 7 Ways to Find Your Home Decorating Style

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There are minimalist, Scandinavian, traditional, contemporary, and many more home interior design styles. For starters, it can be puzzling to pick a design that will resonate with their preference or personality. If they don’t determine their decorating style, it can make them feel disappointed! After all, home is a permanent place for everyone. It is where people relax, sleep, eat, and do other personal activities.

So, why not put effort into decorating your home into a place where you would like to stay for most of your time. For beginners, you can start with home furniture like luxury furniture or designer furniture in Singapore. Look for furniture that you think will complement your home interior design.

If you still don’t have any ideas, here are some tips that help you find your decorating style.

How to Find Your Decorating Style

Do you find yourself confused while browsing furniture at an online store? Or Are you spending most of your time walking through a furniture store and can’t decide which to buy? If this happens to you, it is time to find your decorating style. Luckily, there are many ways to find inspiration from magazines to the people around you!

To begin with, here are some of the ways you can find inspiration when looking for furniture like a modular sofa or accent chair in Singapore.


1) Browse Home Interior Design Magazines

If you don’t have any idea, you can buy some magazines to browse for inspiration. You can look for it online, but it may only confuse you more because of the various choices. But, if you focus on one magazine, it can help you focus on one inspiration to follow.

For instance, you can focus on Scandinavian interior design. With this, you can buy furniture from online stores that will complement your chosen interior design. Additionally, you’ll identify the colours, style and outline of your furniture.

Furthermore, you can find a designer or luxury furniture in Singapore that shows your preference. So stack some magazines if you need a boost of inspiration.

2) Look at Your Fashion Sense

Surprisingly, you can determine your decorating style by looking at your wardrobe. When you browse your wardrobe, look at the colours, patterns, and design of your clothes. If you do so, it will indicate your preference and personality. For instance, your clothes are colourful and fun. It may show that you want something quirky and unique as your home interior design.

If you like something fun, you may add a modular sofa from Singapore to your interior design. It can add to the functionality of your home, which means there are many ways to use the modular sofa. You can play board games, read a book, or watch a movie. All of them resonate with your fun personality.

3) Take Some Fun Online Quizzes

Have you come across quizzes like find out your personality or this quiz will tell you your preference? Well, they are fun, right? Well, some quizzes can help you determine your home decorating online. If you want to try now, you can search home decorating styles on Google, and there will be many results.

After taking the test, it may help you determine the furniture you want to put inside your home.  You can choose furniture like an accent chair, modular sofa, or writing desk in Singapore. Lastly, make sure that it will resonate with the result of your quizzes.

4) Consider the Exterior of Your Home

When you pass across a home, you’ll notice the roof, windows and other exterior elements. The exterior part of a home can indicate the style or design of home decorating. For instance, bricked homes indicate traditional ones or transparent windows may indicate a minimalist or modern style.  Also, light-maximising windows that may show Scandinavian design.

So, when you want to determine your home decorating style, go outside your home and examine the exterior. Remember that your home exterior can influence your furniture, like the modular sofa, accent chair, or writing desk in Singapore.

5) List Down Your Current Decor and Furniture

It is also helpful to list down your current decor and furniture. This way, you’ll know which of your decor or furniture needs replacement. Of course, you need to know your home decorating style before eliminating decor and furniture.

If you do so, you can list down the items you want to retain. After this, you can now show furniture like an accent chair, writing desk, and modular sofa in Singapore. On top of this, you’ll avoid buying unnecessary furniture for your home. Taking down a list will help you organise your to-buy list. It can also help you stick to your home decorating style and budget your money.

6) You Can Try Do it Yourself

To find your home decorating style, you can also look at DIY tips for your home interior design. Maybe you can try repainting the walls or some furniture to go along with your preferred style. Fortunately, painting is an affordable way to discover your preference. You can paint and repaint until you feel satisfied with the results! For more solutions, there are also DIY tips you can do when looking online.

After experimenting with your DIY, you can now invest in adding furniture like designer furniture or luxury furniture in Singapore. If you do so, you can discover your home decorating style.

7) Browse Secondhand Furniture

Another thing you can do is to browse second-hand furniture. If you do so, you can discover gems or classic style furniture. Remember that some great finds are not always about the brand name. Sometimes, you can find it in small stores, online shops, or yard sales.

You can even find luxury furniture or designer furniture in some unexpected places. So, remember to be patient when looking for your home decorating style. Indeed, it will take some time to discover your preference. However, it can become helpful in the long run.

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