Leadership Podcast That Can Change Your Life Forever

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Podcasts have now become one of the best mediums used to share your views, knowledge, learning, and so many interesting things. Podcasts are generally a series of digital audio files that are available for download onto your electronic smart device, laptop or tablet easily. The instalments or downloads of the medium can be received in your mailbox automatically once it’s setup for download. Christine Reidhead has taken this to her advantage and created a podcast on leadership for a series of ten episodes. In these podcasts, you will learn about different aspects of leadership from her and Tom Davis, one of the renowned faculties in leadership.

The first episode of the podcast

This podcast speaks about what leadership is. The episode includes various aspects and associated key points of leadership. Leadership teaches one to learn how to manage a team and still maintain a balance at work and elsewhere. Leadership can help you to take charge of assignments, projects, and activities, and can help you to organize and accomplish the tasks in the best way possible.

Episodes of the Podcast

Leadership episodes two through ten, will enlighten you about the aspects like, tackling the crisis, responsibilities of a leader, qualities of a leader and managing finances, among other great qualities and skills leadership can bring forth. A leader should be selected not only to lead a team, but rather to uphold and continue overseeing other responsibilities. The goal of this podcast is to explore those avenues yet to learn, and attempt to present the full concept of leadership.  Each upcoming podcast will take you deeper and discuss how to cope with difficulties in life, the importance of creativity in the organization, organizing and implementing from start to finish. Resource management of the organization is important, as well. Also, Tom Davis’s style of managing people will be presented.

About The Podcasters

The idea of making this podcast comes from the brainchild of the two eminent personal ties of Christine Reidhead and Tom Davis. Tom needs no introduction. He was a provost at the Navajo Technical College approximately ten years ago. He began his professional journey early on when the tribal college movement just started. To this day, he has served as director, founder and president of various prestigious tribal college institutions all over the country.

Christine Reidhead is a professor, celebrated writer and founder of the non-profit organization named AfrikRising. She is also famous in the digital world as one of the most successful podcasters.