Long-Term Use of Phone Increases The Risk of Brain Tumour

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According to researches, it has been revealed that using your cell phone for the long-term can lead to a brain tumour. As more people are getting aware of it, they are looking for a solution to mitigate the risk. But the question do we even have a solution to this?

Cell phones make use of a pulsed microwave signal which is known to break down the blood barrier in the body. This allows the toxins to enter the brain which ultimately leads to a tumor. The risk of getting brain tumor increases when you hold the phone too close to your body. The consequences of your actions can be deadly. But what can be the solution to this?

A provider has recently introduced a solution that can help us reduce the risk of getting brain tumour from using cell phones. The solution is Cruz Phone Cases ( They have come with radiation protection phone cases that are made of high-quality radiation shielding materials. It is said that they can stop 99% of the radiation from entering our bodies.

To prove their claims, we put the Cruz cases to test. Although we did not measure the exact percentages, the radiation meter couldn’t detect any radiation signal. The results did us positive hope. Also, the design of the phone cases doesn’t affect the signals that are coming out from the back of the phone. We also noticed that the phone case doesn’t interfere with the downloading speed. In other words, you can use this phone case without letting your other phone activities getting affected. Also, phone cases are stylish.

There are other radiation shielding cases like Pong Cases ( The results we got are horrifying. They are not only ineffective in stopping the radiation but they can also increase it in some cases. That’s because the radio signals that are going out from the back of the phone are reflected in the front of the phone which then enters our body.

The industry is continuously trying to look for an effective solution. But the buyers need to be careful about what they buy. They should look for the proper solution to stop the radiation. It is advised to keep your cell phone emf away from your body as much as possible. You can also use Cruz’s phone cases to save yourself.

Cruz cases are sold online in Canada ( and ( and the USA (call 518-608-6479 for details).

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