Master Class: All You Need To Know About Barbecue

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Everyone knows – food cooked on a fire is not only delicious but also healthy. And what could be tastier than fried meat with the aroma of haze and wood tar? Since people opened fire, this dish remains one of the most beloved on our table.

Quality bbq sales products

When buying meat and fish for a bbq, choose only high-quality products that you are allowed to hold in your hands and smell. Do not take ready pickled meat – often, the manufacturer tries to revive a not very fresh product in this way. Two main rules, when choosing meat and fish, are pleasant to smell and elasticity.

The right barbecue technique

Now you can buy a gas or electric barbecue, where the temperature is quickly regulated, and products cook faster. Such models are usually installed at home or on the veranda. But meat cooked in this way will not have a haze smell, so the best summer cottage option is a modern charcoal bbq grill with a thermometer, ventilation holes and an ash-removal system.

What else can you cook on the barbecue

Meat and fish bbq – it is a real pleasure! But we sometimes forget that on the fire you can cook other products, such as vegetables and mushrooms. Fry black or white bread on a wire rack, rub it with garlic and seasonings, and then put pieces of meat, fish and vegetables on the food – it’s not only tasty but also beautiful! If you wrap a piece of cheese and chopped greens in pita bread and then fry it on fire, you will get a fragrant and tasty version of khachapuri.

How to prepare barbecue products

If you use frozen meat, thaw it in the refrigerator and no case, keep it under a stream of warm water. Otherwise, you will ruin its taste. Peel the meat from the film, cut it across the fibres to make it juicier. Fish also need to be cut and removed scales, squid – doused with boiling water and peeled off the film, and shrimp can be cooked both in the shell and without it. All products must be thoroughly washed and dried before going to the wire rack.

A few secrets of bbq sales

To make the meat juicy and with a golden-brown crust, the coals must be hot enough. Usually, half an hour is enough to get the necessary heat. To check the temperature, raise your hand to the fuels at a distance of 20 cm. If your hand is scorching and you can not stand it even for a few seconds, but the food on the wire rack! If you throw a sprig of rosemary, thyme or bay leaf on the coals, the meat will turn out even tastier and more aromatic.

Do not touch the meat while it is grilling – the pieces need to be turned only once. If you regularly check and pierce it, it will turn out to be dry and not very tasty. For the same reason, you need to salt the meat at the very end. Contact a bbq sales expert in Hornsby to get the best result in your kitchen.

Small pieces of meat are fried directly over hot coals, and poultry carcasses, chicken on the ribs, a shoulder blade and beef brisket are cooked on a bbq over deficient heat, while the fuels must be distributed on the sides. The products will impress with their softness and delicate taste.