Measuring your success in the trading business 

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Becoming successful in real life is a very challenging task. Those who have the skills and can follow the perfect guidelines in trading can easily become a profitable trader. But the becoming a skilled trader in the Forex market is not enough. You must learn to assess your success and work hard to make yourself much better. The amateurs in Singapore are always thinking about the big profit factors and they are not following the conservative method. They are just following the aggressive method to earn more profit. But if you keep track of your success, you can find the faults in your trading system. This will help you to make more money in the Forex market.

To measure your success, you need to follow some basic rules. Read this article carefully since you are going to follow a different path in trading by using the tips mentioned in this article.

Annual return

Stop thinking about the monthly gains. Those who think about the monthly gain has a lot to learn. You never find any businessman in Singapore who think about monthly profit factors. Monthly data deals with short term indicators and you can’t get any valuable feedback. But if you start tracking your yearly profit, it can help you to bring significant changes to your trading system. Learning more about the ROI (return over investment) develops your trading skills. Most importantly, you will be able to scale the trade more productively. On the contrary, those who fail to analyze the ROI are never going to become skilled traders.

Do you have a simple strategy?

The successful traders execute orders in the Forex trading account using a simple strategy. They never believe in a complicated trading system as it increases the risk. Though you may think a complex trading system is the most efficient way to secure profit form this market, in reality, it is a wrong idea. You need to develop a simple strategy so that you can make a profit without having any hassle. So, how it relates to success in the trading business? The successful traders are always thinking to make things easier. Those who are struggling to make a profit are always trying new system winch is more complicated and complex. On the contrary, the skilled traders are relying on a simple method so that they can make big profits without having any issues. Think like the skilled traders and you can make a profit without facing trouble.

Can you accept the loss?

Those who can accept the losing trades are matured, traders. On the contrary, those who become restless after losing some few traders, have a long way to go. To become a successful Forex trader, you must work hard and learn the basics of this market. Unless you have in-depth knowledge of the risk management policy, you will never execute orders with low risk. The smart traders are always thinking to simplify the trading system. They are not following the aggressive trading method as it forces them to make a big mistake. Once you start accepting the losing trades, you will realize the importance of risk to reward ratio. And placing the trades with high risk to reward ratio allows you to lose more trades. Most importantly you have a decent recovery factor which will eventually make trading easier.


Successful traders are thinking smart. They never think about short term profit-taking opportunities. Even the scalpers are looking to secure gain in the long run. So, bring change to your thinking and focus on the longer-term results. Dealing with short term profit factors significantly reduces the profit factors. Moreover, it forces you to make mistakes. If you want to change your life and develop yourself as a professional trader, learn to trade this market with proper discipline. Stick to your trading goals and never break the rules in the trading business.