Process To Incorporate A New Company In Hong Kong For Foreigners Or Entrepreneurs

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Hong Kong company incorporation has been becoming a popular strategic planning for many foreigners and foreign businesses. For example, industries such as finance, accounting, banking, and more from overseas are opening companies in Hong Kong over the years.

Hong Kong has always been a gateway to China, and at the same time it is a place for international investors from the rest of the world. Those all have made HK an international city where it is crowned with the most competitive economies in the world. To add to all those above, Hong Kong’s location is appealing. It is close to most of the other Asian regions/markets. It is a robust financial market with freedom to capital. The climate for investment is vibrant. All the factors are evidence to bring Hong Kong to the level of a premier investment destination for investors in the global world.

There are a few requirements when an individual to register a company in Hong Kong, whether the person is a local Hong Kong citizen with permanent residence or a foreigner. The entrepreneur should do a company check to ensure the desire name is available for registration. The person incorporating a company must provide at least one shareholder and director who are both above age of 18 years old. The identification documents (i.e. passports for foreigners) with their proof of residential address documents must be provided.

The new company needs to have at least one secretary. The secretary may be a real natural person who must reside in Hong Kong, or may be a body corporate where the address of this corporate has to be in HK. The sole director or the shareholders cannot act as the company secretary. The new company must submit a registered office address (where this address must be a local HK address).

After the company incorporation process has gone successfully, the entrepreneur will geta Certificate of Incorporation, a set of Articles of Association, company kit with share certificates, minute book, register of shareholders and directors, and minutes of the first director’s meeting for company incorporation. For entrepreneurs who need to open a HK local bank account for the company, they will receive one set of CPA certified true copies of the company incorporation documents.

In some cases, there are specific requirements from the person who needs to open a company. He may needs to use a ready-made shelf company in Hong Kong. The company has already beenfully registered previously, and is ready to be re-sold to a new owner. This type of companies usually do nothave previous business transactions and carrynofinancial debt.