Proper Company Establishment with The Right Support

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Business plan or business plan is the document that describes the business project in detail in all its features, focusing on objectives and strategies, strengths, highlights opportunities and threats in reference to the analysis of competition. Drawing up the business plan (summarizing it if possible in no more than a dozen pages) means presenting an objective assessment of the feasibility of the business project and drawing up the guidelines for managing the business.

Market Analysis

The market analysis is one of the first activities to be carried out.Understanding the environment in which you will operate means being able to develop a strategy based on concrete data and design the offer in the best possible way also from the point of view of communication.

The same is true for the identification of the reference target, i.e. the potential recipients of the product or service. In this regard, it can be useful to conduct interviews and surveys to understand what users are really looking for, segment them based on their personal characteristics, spending power or purchasing habits and so on. For a Dutch holding company all the paraphernalia for registration needs to be tackled well. It is there that you need to have a proper support from a professional service.

Competition analysis

It is very important to understand which the potential competitors are. There geographical areas they operate, in which offer niche they are positioned in or, in general, what are the business logic that move them (price, specialization, etc.). All this is useful to understand what to do or how to do better or to decide if there are elements on which to base any partnerships.

The business plan is used by the entrepreneur and his collaborators to do business, to improve where it is evident that it is necessary as well as to meet new challenges etc., but it is also useful externally to the company. It is in fact required by banks to evaluate the possibility of lending to the company and, equally, to potential investors or public entities that deal with responding to requests for concessions. It can also be useful to present to potential customers and suppliers.

Doing business: bureaucracy and regulations in Netherlands

The path to take to start a business requires a certain skill in managing the bureaucratic aspects, the ideal is to contact an accountant to prepare all the practices and be sure to do it in full compliance with the regulations in force in Netherlands. The first steps to take concern the opening of the VAT number and learning all the notions necessary to prepare the budget. In this case opting for the Intercompany Solutions happens to be essential.

What you need to open a VAT number in Netherlands

Opening a VAT number in Netherlands is mandatory for all those subjects who receive more than 5 thousand euros a year. The application for assignment of a VAT number (the 11-digit code) must be forwarded to the Revenue Agency, by filling in the forms that can be downloaded from the Agency itself that indicate the declaration of commencement of activity. Once completed, everything must be sent together with an identification document by registered letter with return receipt. The Revenue Agency has also made software available to register the VAT number.