Pros & Cons of Hosting a Webinar in Singapore

A webinar in Singapore, much like its face-to-face counterpart, has its pros and cons. Learning what they are is crucial in determining whether it is the best option for whatever the activity needs.

Therefore, read this article to learn more about these 4 pros and cons of a webinar in Singapore.

Pros: Cheaper to Organise

Unlike regular seminars, hosting a webinar tends to be cheaper since you wouldn’t have to worry about details, such as venue, travel, and setup costs. All you need to do is ensure the presentation is all right and everything is ready.

Cons: More Distractions

Unfortunately, since a video live streaming seminar allows attendees to relax at home, it exposes them to various distractions that could divert them away from your presentation. As organisers of the webinar, there is little you can do to prevent interruptions from happening.

Pros: More Flexible

However, live streaming your seminar in Singapore offers more flexibility. Since attendees are free to enter the webinar in the comfort of their homes, there is no need to account for travel time when making a schedule. Additionally, you can provide free video copies if some of your employees cannot attend.

Cons: Technical Difficulties

However, one of the most challenging obstacles when hosting a webinar is the possibility of technical difficulties on the day itself. These issues can vary and may involve problems with the equipment or poor internet connection.

Therefore, working with a virtual production company in Singapore is essential since they could give you a rundown on things you want to do if you wish to minimise the risk of technical difficulties.

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