Psychology of tiktok views – Why people engage with specific videos?

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Have you ever scrolled through TikTok and wondered why specific videos seemed to captivate you while others faded into the endless feed? The reasons we engage with some content over others go beyond just having great visuals or audio.  As creators, these psychological factors are critical to crafting videos that genuinely connect and earn maximum views and engagement.

Power of Relatability

  • Humans are hard-wired to seek shared experiences that validate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Videos that tap into highly relatable situations, emotions, or inside jokes instantly create a connection on a visceral level.
  • For example, watching someone comically struggle with spilling their morning coffee or getting locked out resonates because we’ve all been there. Relatability fosters a sense of mutual understanding – “OMG, that’s so me!” This feeling of being seen makes us far more invested in the content read full info here
  • Additionally, relatable videos often provide subtle validation that our own experiences or quirks are average. In a world of carefully curated social media perfection, there’s comfort in knowing other people go through the same struggles and funny moments. This hits on a core need for belonging that drives engagement.

Curiosity and Anticipation

TikTok thrives on this by keeping videos brief and utilizing engagement loops that leave you wanting more.  Maybe a video opens with a cryptic question or bizarre situation that gets fully resolved at the very end. Or there are breadcrumb trails of clues or hints about an upcoming twist. This purposeful curiosity gap activates our information gap theory and compels us to stick around until that need for full resolution gets satisfied.

Additionally, TikTok’s design creates perpetual intermittent reinforcement. Just like pulling a slot machine, you’re always a swipe away from stumbling onto something engrossing or rewarding if you keep watching. This endless cycle of curiosity and intermittent payoffs is a psychological goldmine for keeping users glued to their screens.

Lure of idealized selves or realities

While relatable content connects on one level, there’s also a strong appeal for aspirational videos that present idealized versions of us, our lives, or alternate realities. Videos depicting delicious food porn, dream travel destinations, or beautiful people living enviously lush lifestyles are beloved because they indulge our aspirational daydreams and escapist mentalities. For a few seconds, we get to imagine ourselves in those covetable scenarios or stepping into fantastical worlds beyond our ordinary day-to-day grind. 

They are fleeting ability to inhabit a more perfect, exciting reality – even through vicarious viewing – taps into our continuous longing for fantasy and self-actualization. Creators who consistently deliver high-quality escapist content have a massive edge in reeling viewers into habitual engagement.

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