Renovation Storage: 4 Useful Storage Pointers for Business Owners

Managing a business is challenging, particularly for expanding small businesses seeking to reduce expenses. Business storage facilities in Singapore assist businesses with downsizing, remodelling, and storing seasonal goods, excess inventory, office supplies, and documents. Self-storage can provide a long or short-term storage solution to extend business premises at a lower cost than renting an additional office, storefront, or warehouse. Here are some self-storage tips for entrepreneurs.

1.   Choose a location with excellent security

When searching for storage space for your business, prioritise safety. Secure storage should have 24-hour digital surveillance and password-protected access. The entire property should be well-maintained and well-lit.

2.   Check for various sizes

What you store determines storage rental needs. A reputable and efficient short term storage facility in Singapore provides units of varying sizes to accommodate the needs of each client. It ensures that you only pay for the space you require and that you have the option to switch units if your needs change. A storage facility with various size options lets you keep all your belongings in one place, so you don’t have to look for smaller or larger units.

3.   Select a storage facility with climate control

Your quality storage rental facility provides climate-controlled storage by maintaining constant temperature and humidity to protect sensitive items. If you don’t possess climate-controlled storage units, you must ensure optimal humidity in your temporary storage space during a renovation. Without optimal humidity—it may affect paperwork, causing irreparable damage to vital documents.

4.   Write an inventory of your items

Having an up-to-date inventory for your renovation storage helps in spotting missing items and providing evidence in the event of an insurance claim. Inventory management allows you to keep track of everything in your storage space to determine when an item is lost or stolen. Consider taking photographs of each store and storing them alongside the inventory records.

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