Retail Display Counter Ideas to Boost your Sales

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If you own a retail store, it is high time you must consider/reconsider the appearance of your store’s checkout counters. It is greatly effective in converting the sales and this is the reason why most retailers are heavily investing in their counter’s physical look. The checkout areas are made right in front of overlooking bright window displays or clear signage which draws more people into the space.

So if you aim to increase the potential of the display counters, refer to some of the below-listed ideas that can work wonder for your store.

Installing plexiglass

This is an idea that can be implemented right over the countertop. Through this, you can physically separate your sales team from the customers that queue up in front of the counter. There can be a small area made at the countertop level which will help them easily pass the products. The product scanning and the payments can also be done easily at this height.

Provide sanitising options

In this time of pandemic, sanitisation is the best way to stop the spread of the virus. You can create a counter space where the customers can easily sanitise their hands. They will stand in queues and/ or the check-out point and you will not have to worry about maintaining safety.

Use the counter area for queuing

You can arrange the glass on the counter in such a way that it acts as a shield between your employee and your customer. As a result, even if your customer is standing in the queue, your workforce won’t be exposed to vulnerability. If you are having open space in front of your counter, use it to direct the queues.

Specify distance using markers

You can have your counters aligned and notified using markers. As the counters are well-lit spaces, they will be easily visible to anyone standing in the queue. Also, the right distance will be maintained between two individuals in the queue.

Ideally plan the checkouts

If you have multiple checkout points, take time to plan the layout and the operation. Use glass dividers on the counters in a way that they are made isolated and try avoiding opening two simultaneous counters. Leave a counter’s gap and consider wrapping the POS area with safety shields.

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