Rockford Car Crashes – Liable Parties and Compensations Rules! 

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A car crash is an unfortunate event that can topple your whole life.  It can incur severe injuries and huge medical bills. The time lost along with wages and other related expenses can leave you financially broke as well. The expert and dedicated car crash attorneys in Rockford can help you file a compensation claim. If the accident was not at your fault, then you are fully eligible to claim personal injury compensation. 

Only an experienced Rockford attorney will be able to maneuver your case through the legal intricacies and see success. So, if the accident was not your fault, then who should be held liable?

There can be many parties who are answerable to your damaged health and lost money. Let us look at some of the examples of who is the liable party when an account occurs.

  1. The Driver Of The Other Vehicle

It could be due to the reckless driving, ignorance, or carelessness of the other driver that the accident occurred. A driver who was intoxicated with alcohol or any other drugs is liable. 

Distracted driving and cutting signals are also responsible for accidents. Using cell phones, or using GPS can also be a distraction.

If the driver is found guilty of doing any of the above, he/she can be held liable for the crash.

2. The Insurance Company Of The Other Party

The financial settlement of your claim is the responsibility of the insurance company. If the other driver has insurance protection, then the company is liable to pay off your compensation. 

But, professional insurance advocates work for such companies in order to try and reduce your claim amount or deny it completely. That’s why you need an equally experienced attorney by your side.

3. The Government/Administration

If your accident was the result of a pothole on the road or an unsafe intersection, then you can hold the government liable for your accident.

An unscientific design of roadways, a missing signboard, and rogue signals at crossroads can all be reasons for accidents. In such cases, the authorities can be held responsible for your accident and you can file a claim against them.

4. The Vehicle Manufacturer

If a defective mechanical part or failed brake caused your accident, then the manufacturer of your car is liable to pay compensation.

All the above-mentioned parties have the liability to pay for your losses. But will they comply with your claim and pay your bills for you? 

Well, not always and certainly not willingly. So, to successfully claim your deserving compensation, team up with a Rockford car crash attorney now.