Serviced Apartment Selections – A Short Guide In Finding The Right Accommodation

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The serviced apartments are made to be available for both travellers and even locals or expats alike. From long-term accommodations to short term rentals in Singapore, serviced apartments can enhance your stay with all the equipped furniture in order for you to do your everyday work with also some additional amenities and facilities waiting.

If you happen to be a business person, an expat or a traveller in Singapore, it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing finding a perfect place to stay while being on a budget. Since Singapore has among the highest cost of living in Asia, the most likely default position for travellers and businessmen is to look for budget-friendly accommodation. Apart from that, renters also have many factors to bear and consider, which only adds to the difficulty curve of finding monthly serviced apartments in Singapore for every travelling renter.

While renters can go online or contact the company for a serviced apartment, knowing how to make a proper decision in the process can maximise the advantage in finding suitable accommodation that won’t cost you a lot.

Finding A Serviced Apartment For Businessmen, Expats & Travellers

If one would desire to find suitable accommodation, one would undoubtedly think that renting a serviced apartment is cheaper by a significant margin compared to hotels. Some travellers may even want to spare their budget from taxes and service fees as well.

So, how do you go about finding decent long or short term accommodation in Singapore? Pre-determining your budget is an essential thing to consider for every traveller or ex-pat, whether it’s a purpose of leisure or for conducting business travels. You’ll likely spare yourself from aptly wasting your time on serviced apartments that you can barely afford. Therefore, establishing a budget beforehand lets you begin the process of scouting with a clear budget range in mind.

Next, using your preferred search engine or just checking out your social media account lets you find a number of serviced apartment options. All with different styles of suites and even price ranges. A simple keyword search like ‘monthly serviced apartments in Singapore’ lets you see all the possible accommodations available locally.

The Rule Of Thumb When Renting


Now, if you are an ex-pat and planning to reside in Singapore, you may want to consider districts near a place you desire to work or visit. If you are with a child, you can search for school districts. The rule of thumb is to choose a specific district situated at the city’s core that lets you travel to certain places without difficulty. If you are looking for monthly serviced apartments in Singapore, places like malls, your workplace, church, school, public transportation or MRT system, etc., should be no problem for you to visit.

Now, before you can finally decide on which serviced apartment to rent as a traveller, business person or ex-pat, consider reading the reviews, learning about its policies and talking to the apartment’s administration office to discuss and ask certain things. Even if you’re looking for budget short term rental accommodation in Singapore, it’s your responsibility to be familiar with the apartment’s rules and regulations to avoid having any problems.

If you’re bringing a pet with you, you should consider learning if the apartment allows its residents to have pets, and if they do, what are the rules and regulations associated with it. It will help you stay clear from trouble or encountering issues with the place you intend to rent with. After all, we all want to have peaceful and stress-free apartment living.

Why Consider Renting A Serviced Apartment?


If you still aren’t sure of any particular place to stay as a traveller or a businessperson, here are reasons why you should consider going for a serviced apartment for your brief or long term stay in Singapore.

Enhanced security

Most of today’s serviced apartments utilise 24-hour security patrols and CCTV cameras to deter any criminal activities from occurring. It allows residents to have peace of mind and remain confident while living in apartments and condos.

Unlike in living in residential homes where you will still need to invest and pilot security equipment yourself, monthly serviced apartments in Singapore already provide safety and security at all times for residentials.

Access to full facilities

Serviced apartment residents can enjoy access to full facilities available, such as pools, gyms and even basketball or tennis courts after a stressful day at work. You don’t need to go out and expose yourself to traffic jams when you can use your serviced apartment’s swimming pool or gym.

Fully equipped living

From living room to kitchen and laundry area, a long or short term rental in Singapore can prove to be worth it when you have almost everything with you. As soon as you enter a serviced apartment room, you can start doing your kitchen or laundry work right away, all fully equipped for your day-to-day living!

Unlike going to hotels where the food can be the same throughout the day, renting a serviced apartment room lets you fully plan and prepare food in your own way, and you can wash all your clothing at your own pace.

Final Thoughts

Serviced apartments aren’t just for expats and travellers seeking short rental accommodation in Singapore. All you need to find decent is proper planning, such as working out with your budget, determining the right place you want to stay and learning about the rules in the apartment. If you want a convenient lifestyle renting and living in serviced apartments can make your day-to-day life easier and more flexible!

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