The Right Opportunities for the Smart Hiring

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It is difficult to generalize an effective recruitment method to all industries and all companies. The multiplication of channels, digital or not, is a fact since on average a recruitment requires more than 3 different channels. How do you handle this?

Sourcing and Partnerships Director

The disparities are still glaring in terms of digital equipment: 70% of large companies have recruitment tools against only 10% of small companies. Almost 3 out of 4 companies in France do not have any recruitment tool! Before selecting a technology, it is advisable to consider the specificities of its sector to equip yourself with the right tools with really useful functionalities, as close as possible to your needs. This is the option for the hiring solution now.

How do we recruit according to the sector of activity? 

If we can easily imagine that we do not recruit in the same way a work intermittent and a restaurant server, certain sectors of activity are very specific in terms of recruitment. Here are some practical examples: 

Building sector

This sector is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, well established locally, generally family owned. Thus, out of nearly 400,000 companies in the sector, 374,000 have less than 10 employees. Recruitment is carried out mainly by word of mouth, favoring direct relationships and recommendations. 

Medical sector

It requires precise and essential qualifications. Some job boards have specialized in health, focusing their development on the verification and certification of skills. It is essential in a sector which has more than 200 professions. Another effective way of recruiting is through access to networks of caregivers or the creation of talent pools.

Hotel and catering

A sector of activity in great shortage with more than 150,000 unfilled jobs each year. Most often, there is no HR department in the small companies concerned, in which the administration is still carried out by the company manager or his spouse. The tools for recruiting must be accessible and fast, such as mobile applications. The objective: to find the right person in an emergency, available for sometimes short-term assignments and then be able to properly manage their employment contract. 

Arts & Entertainment

Here is a very specific sector in which short contracts are legion, with particular statuses such as intermittent. To recruit, dedicated networks within communities make it possible to create breeding grounds and personal recommendation (co-option) is also very present.   


Industrial enterprises are generally larger and more organized. Thus, recruitment needs are planned according to the order book. Intermediaries, in particular temporary networks, are in great demand to recruit, sometimes very quickly, a large workforce.

The other sectors

There are many other sectors of activity and these few examples are not intended to be exhaustive. Take the job of boilermaker for example, so specific that the most effective means of recruitment turns out to be the creation of partnerships with schools. Apprenticeship and vocational training promote talent identification and recruitment directly after graduation for these very specific sectors.