There are no shortcuts to getting rich: Follow the Right Path

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When someone offers you a quick way to get rich the only one who will get rich quick is him. Nobody wants to learn how to get rich from a poor person. Nobody wants to learn how to get rich from someone who makes money by telling others how to get rich. Also in your training, try to read books and learn from the example of those who have achieved the goal not those who simply disclose as a profession.

Look for Wealth, not Money or Status

The Wealth has the asset that allows you to earn money even when you sleep. It is the money invested, it is a software that serves customers, a company, a house that makes money. Wealth buys you freedom because it allows you not to rush to work at 7:00 am, get stuck in traffic and waste time on something that doesn’t give you any satisfaction. The purpose of getting rich is therefore not to buy a new fur or a Ferrari, but to decide for yourself.

The money is the way however with which we transfer the wealth and the way in which you will be granted that the company owes something to the work done in the past. Finally, Status is your level on the social ladder.

Fighting for status is a useless game that wants to determine which rung of the ladder you place yourself on and who you have to drop to get in his place. Visit  to understand your chances there. The Evrergreen Wealth Formula will be the best option here.

Making money is not a matter of luck

Many people think that making money is a matter of luck, instead it is just a matter of becoming the person who is able to generate money.

There are 4 types of Luck:

Blind luck: something that happens completely out of your control thanks to the blindfolded Goddess;

Fortune from Tenacity: that derives from the effort, from the persistence, from the energy used that in the end, in the thousand attempts, it is luck that finds you

Luck for Preparation: related to the ability to read situations that comes from competence in a certain sector

Uniqueness Luck: The hardest to achieve is having certain unique characteristics that will bring luck to find you.

If you manage to tend towards the last type of luck you will be able to create Wealth that will be accumulated little by little, however, not in a single moment. Achieving wealth is a bit like the mechanism of content creation that allows you each time to win over a new reader or listener and ultimately makes you find with a large audience.