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The mortgage form shows: to whom the mini credit has been granted, to what amount, the time and place of granting, the description of the deposit, the amount of payment for the use of the money.

Within a specified period, the amount with interest must be returned to the pawnshop. If the borrower did not do this, the mortgage lending will begin to realize its promise. This can be done by law one month after the end of the contract. If the borrower is not willing to repay the loan in full, he has the right to pay interest for the current period and extend the contract. In this case, the deposit will be sent again for storage. The contract can be terminated ahead of schedule if the Ministry of the Interior declares the matter to be pledged. By borrowing a pledge, the borrower must notify the borrower within 3 days.

Types of Pawnshops

There are several types. They differ in their specialization and concentration. If a mortgagee promises things: cars, jewellery, art objects, etc., the direction of its work is universal and broadly oriented. If a mortgage quote only accepts precious metals or jewellery, this is a much focused organization. If you are wondering, ‘Get a loan on my watch’ then you will be having the best options right there now. Consider the main types:


They work exclusively with jewellery. Gold, silver, platinum are accepted as collateral. Everything is tested with special equipment to comply with standards and samples. Because these things lose little value over time, you can get them under a higher percentage (up to 80%) of market value. They are also very liquid, and mortgages easily sell them at no extra cost.

Under Technology

This type of pawn shop is also one of the most common. Here you can get a loan that is insured with household appliances. In this case, the device will only be approved in good condition and preferably under warranty. Protected by technology, you get about 35-40% of the market value. This is because devices become obsolete quickly, they can break. Most often, they invest in mobile devices, televisions and computers.


These pawnshops accept warranties for antiques, paintings, art objects, and coins and so on. Experienced collectors show great interest in such pawn shops because you can find really rare things there. The loan amount for antiques can be 60%. This is due to the fact that often borrowers themselves do not know the actual price of the collateral. The appraisers take advantage of this and calculate the estimated value.


These pawn shops accept fur and leather products against warranties. Here, most often rented fur made from fish furs (frozen, mink), genuine leather jackets and so on. Such organizations are equipped with special equipment for the storage of such goods. The amount of the loan can be 50% of the value of the collateral.


Here cars are promised. In the past, the car was driven into the parking lot until the debt was paid, but now, because pawnshops consider the amount of such collateral to be high for the cost of maintaining it, they prefer to take only PTS as collateral and issue a hull. As a result, the customer leaves their car, and if the collateral is destroyed, the pawnshop still gets its insurance money. If you are insured with a car, you can get a decent loan of several hundred thousand dollars.