Top Five Reasons You Need A Business Plan Writer

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A business plan is must for new venture. Yet it can daunting proposition, from complex financial projections to setting correct tone, having enough research-based data, & knowing what to put in & what to leave out. You may know every last detail of how to run your business; however, communicating in a professional and comprehensive way to potential banks or investors is beyond the skillset of most would-be entrepreneurs.

A business plan writer may be exactly what’s needed, then, to transform your ideas, skills, and experience into a real-world business with adequate funding.  Custom business plans can be written, with detailed financials, by a business plan writing service, with many options springing up in recent years in direct response to the demand from banks, organizations like the Small Business Association (SBA), Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and other investors to be presented a custom business plan. Additional benefits include:

  • Saving time: In a fast-paced world where a work-life balance is difficult enough to achieve, the time-intensive process of crafting a custom business plan can be a deal-breaker. Whether it takes you weeks or months (or often longer), this is time you could be spending on other details of your business, or just on your life. Hiring a business plan writer leaves this chore to a professional who has the experience to take your ideas and efficiently put them in an easily readable, professional, appropriate-length document.
  • Getting an outside perspective: In addition to a business plan writer having the experience to know what banks, the SBA and investors want, having an objective third-party team of skilled writers and financial analysts ensures that a level-headed, realistic picture of your business is presented.
  • Collaborating with experts: When choosing a business plan writer, you obviously want to find a company that has time-tested experience. A custom business plan company that has worked with thousands of clients has worked with every type of business and every type of client: They know how to create custom-written business plans and financial projections that impress banks and investors. Their professional documents are designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking funds.
  • Having all the right info: Beginning with an expertly crafted executive summary, all the way to financial projections, with business plan writers, what could have been a daunting, time-consuming process is easy, fast, and provides entrepreneurs and business owners with solid footing and confidence in your proposals.  Custom business plans, for example, utilize prominent market research reports to give credence to claims of market growth, recent trends, competitive positioning, and industry analysis on which market share and financial viability projections are based.  Here again, business plan writers and custom business plan consultants have access to expensive databases, market research reports and industry publications that provide weight to projections.
  • Getting just the right look: Offering great design is also a must in a good business plan. A good business plan company offers multiple design options from which to choose so that the style and tone matches the client’s vision. Custom-built PowerPoint pitch decks should also available to add another facet to a presentation.

Finding a business plan writers for hire with all these attributes lets banks know you mean business or will give you an edge in the competitive world of venture funding.

Hiring a company such as Butler Consultants, which has worked on more than 10,000 custom business plans for clients across the world, would be a great first step in this process. Their expertise and collaborative work, along with industry-leading financial projections, has earned a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Butler Consultants, which has a staff of U.S. based employees and consultants, all of whom have degrees in their fields of expertise, can be found online at or contacted at 214-491-4001.