Top Reasons that Lead to the Failure of Hydraulic Driven Water Pump

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Hydraulic-driven water pumps are mechanical devices. So, no company would guarantee that the pump they sell would be at its best even after ten years of continued service. Even the most resilient and toughest hydraulic pumps fail at times and there could be hundreds of reasons. Being a mechanical device comprising of small parts, it becomes a little challenging to conclude the real reason behind the failure.

But when things are not in your favour and you are the owner of a hydraulic driven water pump from a reputed company, rely on professionals. The experts are proficient in dealing with any type of failure and ensure it becomes functional yet again.

However, it is important to know the top reasons behind most of the failures of hydraulic pumps. According to the experts, the following are some of the reasons why a system fails and would need immediate attention—

  • Contamination of Hydraulic Fluid

Very few would know that the contamination of the hydraulic fluid leads to failure of the hydraulic driven water pump. Therefore, almost all the reputed sellers make sure that the user uses clean fluids and components. The contaminants present in the fluid harshly affect the work ability and longevity of the pump leading to the premature wear and tear of its parts. This premature degradation leads to the pump failure. Therefore, one should always follow the best measures that would help prevent the wear and tear.

  • Over Heating of the Pump

Hydraulic-driven water pump makes use of several components. Some of them like hose tubes are made up of plastics and elastomers. Overheating of the hydraulic driven water pump leads to thermal expansion and which in turn result in premature degradation of the parts. According to the experts, it should always be kept in mind that overheating leads to the alteration of molecular structure and hence, such parts lose their elasticity. This phenomenon leads to decreased elongation and increased brittleness. Ultimately- hose failure in the hydraulic driven water pump.

  • Use of Poor-Quality Abrasion Resistant Material

Even the branded water pumps fail especially when poor or low-quality materials are used for maintenance. For example, the anti-wear resistance materials that enhance the abrasion resistance characteristic. The installation of the components also matters, and experts suggest that the parts must have the minimum surface contact as this would reduce the wear and tear. Apart from this, the components need to be clamped properly to reduce the abrasion. Excess of it might lead to premature hose failure of the hydraulic driven water pump.

  • Improper Depth Insertion

It must always be kept in mind that the chances of failure in water pumps from reputed companies due to manufacturing defects are one in thousands. Most of the troubles or issues arise post-installation. Another reason why hydraulic driven water pump fails is because of the mistake being done during the assembly or installation. Incorrect insertion depth is one of the causes of failure.


Failures associated with hydraulic pumps are common. However, it is completely on the installation and maintenance that provide the pump with durability and would help evade the chances of mechanical failure.