True Options in the eBay Earning: What You Need

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When you know your consumer, you know the characteristics he values, what he looks for and what catches your attention. For example, imagine that you are selling headphones. Depending on your audience, it is more interesting to highlight the technical specifications of the product. Another type of consumer can buy based only on the appearance of the product. Another audience, still, is more concerned with the comfort of the piece. And this whole variation concerns only one item!

So it is important to know who you want to sell to:

This information tells you how to sell. The sales tax differs from state to state in the United States and the same may apply to shipping and handling charges. The top-rated seller discount comes off at the end of the month, which provides a 10% discount on your final fee. Your store level also affects the final value fees calculation. The Ebay fee calculator is perfect there.

Work Well With Your Sales Website Design

Good design should not be underestimated, especially when you are working with online sales. It is necessary that the site navigation is simple and attractive. The easier it is to browse your product catalog, the more users will be willing to learn about new purchase options. Currently, online sales are so normalized that consumers often do the online version of “window shopping” in other words, the famous “just look” of the American.

It turns out that, looking at the options available even when he does not intend to buy anything, the customer may find something irresistible on the list, or even separate something to buy at another opportunity. So, another interesting feature to include in your online store is the wish list. The fact is: the easier and more enjoyable your site navigation is, the more sales you will make.

Here are some tips for not making mistakes in the design:

  • Do not pollute the site with ads. The ideal is to have a single area on the home page for promotions.
  • Create a dynamic filtering system for the catalog, so that the consumer can see only the products that interest him.
  • Always offer pictures of the products. If possible, even videos. The more visual the catalog, the better.
  • Prices, promotions and benefits must be highlighted in the product description.
  • Offer product customization options directly on their description page, before the customer adds it to the cart.

Mobile Friendly

Did you know that the vast majority of people access the internet only through smartphones or tablets? So it is more than essential, today, that your online store is accessible through these devices. This means, for example, that the chosen layout must be responsive. That is, it should be able to automatically adjust to any screen size. This is a great way to maintain visual identity and accessibility in all means of access.


Ideally, the customer will never need to use the browser’s zoom function to browse the store on a smartphone or tablet. Try to eliminate the occurrence of horizontal scroll bars on the website. To be successful in online sales, it is essential that the site loads quickly and does not present any error. Believe this: no matter what you are selling, there are other options on the internet. If your site is slow and full of problems, your customers will not hesitate to seek out the competition.