Ways to Get an Approved Singapore PR Application

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Are you still anxious that your Singapore citizenship application will get rejected? Don’t be if you’re 100% certain that you got everything right and submitted them on time for your scheduled relocation. Not unless you forgot an attachment or skipped a step from the whole process that will require you to resubmit all of them from the start.

There is also your eagerness to get immediate approval once you submit your citizenship application documents to them. Besides, this is a life-changing decision that will have a lasting effect on you for sure! But what can you do to ensure that everything’s in place before you even send them your files for their review?

Better ask around your circle and consult them if you miss something significant that will cause the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority or ICA to reject your Singapore citizenship application in an instant. Seek some assistance from your relatives or friends who can help you prepare and expedite your request to relocate.

It will also help if you go online and look for review sites that provide a step-by-step guide you can always follow. They may even suggest you work on your ICA Singapore Permanent Resident or PR application first to speed up your transfer. List them down and consider their recommendations when you decide to apply for your permanent residency as well.

But if you want to give it a try, then look for testimonials from previous applicants who initially became a Singapore PR before they transition to being full-pledged citizenship. Read through their experiences and see if their resourcefulness will also work for you. Reconsider your options if you want to stick with your original plans.

Nonetheless, always stay knowledgeable about what you should prepare when you decide to apply for your ICA Singapore citizenship. Avoid being rejected by working on your application as early as today and doing it with your whole heart. Look for more tips that will ensure your speedy approval to become their legal citizen soon.


Tips to Avoid the Big No

Well, look no further as here are some tips you can use to avoid that big reject mark on your citizenship application. You might be familiar with some of them, but a refresher would be great to know the new things you need to do as you prepare for your transfer. Follow them sincerely, and be out for your flight to the Garden City in no time!


Tip # 1: Do your research

It has been a rule of thumb that you should start anything you do with some research. May it be your simple house chores, work tasks, and even your Singapore PR or citizenship application, always choose to be informed. Make the most of your time online and look for resources to help you prepare for your transfer.

As mentioned, try review or blog sites that feature guides you can follow to guarantee your approved ICA citizenship application. Read through each step and do what they instructed. You only need to ensure that these procedures have to do with your request as there are different types of appeals you can work on.

Tip # 2: Read between the lines

It is also essential that you always read between the lines – literally. Take your time reading and understanding every word in your citizenship application form before signing any blank space within. Watch out for those technical and vague terms that may jeopardize your dreams of becoming their citizen for good.

Some application requirements to be a Singapore national may also be confusing if you don’t read through them word for word. For example, are you aware that you should use a specific background on your photograph before submitting it? It even has instructions on what you should not wear, so better check on it now.

Tip # 3: Submit them early

There may be no deadlines for you to submit your ICA citizenship application, but it would still be great if you send them in early. It will give you enough time to work on your replacement documents when they ask you to do so. It will also take off any pressure from yourself to meet your desired flight schedule for your relocation.

But there are instances where the ICA requires you to submit your application on a particular date. These may include national holidays, temporary office leaves, and emergencies that will oblige you to pass your requirements ahead of your timeline. Besides, the earlier they give their approval, the sooner you’ll be out for your flight.

Tip # 4: Always double check

It may also sound repetitive since you might be doing it already but always double-check your Singapore citizenship application before submitting them for verification. Begin with the initial form you get online and see if you miss signing any field on it. Read through each item and ensure that you got everything covered.

The same rule also applies to other supporting documents required in either your PR or citizenship application. These include your files, identification cards, birth certificates, and many others. Find time to review all of them and see if they only share accurate details about yourself to hasten up your approval.

Tip # 5: Be honest

Never think of replacing any missing file required by the ICA for your application with a fake one if you no longer want more problems in the future. It also applies to the information you share that they need for their verification. Besides, a bad record will always be a bad record, so don’t even attempt to get one.

It is also essential that you remain true to the purpose of your relocation. Expect the governing committee to check on it as soon as they receive your Singapore citizenship application. It will help if you only provide them with logical and reasonable arguments on why you decide to be one of their local citizens.

These tips will surely come in handy as you start applying for one soon! But what if you have already submitted your ICA citizenship application and it gets rejected while reading this article? Well, you must not fret as you can still overturn their initial decision and be their legal citizen anytime soon.


Reasons Why They Reject You

But before you work on your appeal, know first why your PR request got the rejection by the Singapore ICA in the first place. It may be due to several reasons you’re initially clueless about until they send you back your denied forms. Here are some of them that you should be aware of to prevent their second transfer refusal:


Missing Documents                                                          

It is one of the most common reasons why most ICA citizenship applications get rejected nowadays. Whether it’s only a single copy of your identification card or your photograph, expect them to return your request documents if you miss even one of these requirements. Again, always double-check your submissions before you send them for their checking.

It also applies to the forms you fill out when working on your Singapore citizenship application. Never submit an incomplete one if you don’t want them to send it back. Besides, you may never want your permanent records to miss essential details about yourself when you move into your new home in the region.

Easy Approval Tip! Look for someone who knows you dearly and let them review your ICA application before you submit it. They must be familiar with your personal information, occupational details, and financial status before you even send them your form for their second look. Choose the one you can trust that only wants the best for your relocation plans.

Incorrect Papers

In some cases, you might argue that you have complete submissions but still get their rejection on your citizenship application. You may have sent them everything they’ve asked for, but only the wrong ones based on your qualifications to be their citizen. Review your eligibility again and never confuse one from another.

But are you even aware that such an eligibility check exists when before you applied for your ICA Singapore citizenship? Well, that may be a problem if you have zero knowledge about it and only proceed with the first list of requirements you saw online. Better do your research again and see where your request falls.

Easy Approval Tip! Create a checklist of the requirements based on your eligibility to avoid the submission of incorrect records. You must also be familiar with the different grounds you’re eligible to apply for your Singapore citizenship. Depend on your list as you prepare for these required files and papers.

Insufficient Proof

Another factor that may lead to yourICA citizenship appeal rejection is the lack of proof showing your interest to be their naturalized citizen. You may be surprised that they can consider these criteria as they review your submitted papers. But don’t be since they need to ensure that you’ll be a responsible citizen once you become one.

It may only be challenging to prove your pure intention to become a Singapore PR or citizen through the written documents you share with them. But like what they say, legal proofs never lie. So, better improve your credentials and present them records that show your concern for the region and its people.

Easy Approval Tip! Try joining civic organizations in Singapore to increase your citizenship appeal approval chances. You can also send a cover letter together with your documents once you resubmit them. Always keep it short and simple for the reviewing committee to understand easily.

Outdated Guidelines

Check if you followed updatedICA citizenship application guidelines on your initial appeal submission. If you don’t, then be ready to re-do your request as you may have relayed an obsolete one. Look for the most recent regulations that will guide you through the latest requirements you need to prepare for the resubmission.

There are instances that they might ask for the same list of documents they’ve required before. But then again, simple word changes on their policies may already be significant while preparing for your Singapore citizenship application. Follow them verbatim and never be confused about those slight sentence mix-ups.

Easy Approval Tip! Are you aware that your documents should always be in the English language? Well, better translate them now before theICA citizenship review committee returns them because they’re not in their native tongue. They should also be authenticated by legal authorities upon translation to prevent further issues with your papers.

Independent Filing

Though it may not be a direct reason why yourcitizenship application gets rejected, it can still be a mistake you’ve been doing that delays your opportunity to be their local citizen. What makes it even worse is that you’re unaware of your wrongdoings since you choose to work by yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with being independent, but it would always be great to have a hassle-free Singapore citizenship appeal application process with the experts. Never hesitate to consult them if you have questions about your request – specifically with the documents that you submit with it. Better yet, try working with one to ensure your immediate relocation soon!

Easy Approval Tip! It’s already a guaranteed approval when you work with the experts. You only need to find the right agency to guide you through your ICA citizenship application and assure that your appeal won’t get another rejection from them again.

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How to Correct Your Mistakes?

Now that you’re already aware of the possible reasons for their disapproval, you now know how to draft your appeal on the recent PR rejection you received from Singapore ICA officials. It may only be hard for you to correct your mistakes if you’re greatly affected by their nonacceptance. Hence, here are some steps you can take as you work on your resubmission today:

  • Go online and look for the latest ICA Singapore citizenship guidelines for your reference. Read through their detailed instructions and ensure that you understand them wholeheartedly. You can even compare it to the one you relayed on before you get your unwanted disapproval.
  • Create a checklist of the things you need to prepare for your new citizenship application. These include the documents and papers you need to produce since you’re missing them on your initial submission. Never forget to translate them into English and have the legal authorities notarize them as required.
  • It will also be great to draft a timeline to not rush yourself of the requirements you need to resubmit together with your rejection appeal. You may have never thought of it on your initial submission, but doing it now will help you stick with your plans. It will also give you an idea of when to expect your request updated documents to arrive.

But if you no longer want to stress yourself out from doing your research, creating your checklist, or planning your timeline, then you can work with Singapore Top Immigration now! They can help you resubmit your ICA Singapore citizenship application and ensure your appeal won’t get rejected this time. Check their website to learn more about them today.