What is meant by dark kitchen?

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The kitchen which is used to cook foods neat, hygienic, taste and with love for the family which family members ate with happiness. The same thing in restaurant also, many people are now willing to go different restaurant, and to taste different variety of food. In that way, the new method is the dark kitchen. The dark kitchen is the new way of restaurant, where the people will not come and eat food, this restaurant is only for selling the foods in online. The dark kitchen is a new way of restaurant that preparing the food in their own place and sell the foods in online when the people order foods. The dark kitchen is now becoming more trend as now most of the people wish or they like to order foods in online websites which is mainly for ordering foods. As they also developing many platform to satisfy the customer to deliver fast as more number of people ordering foods. In this, the company in London named PHEBY food concept running this dark kitchens more successfully.

How it works and benefits of it?

The PHEBY food concept also involve in doing dark kitchen and also the restaurants. They preparing foods and supply to the customers through the third party of selling the food to the customer place to those who are place ordered the food. As this business gain this industry a lot by many people willing to order foods, and also this restaurant makes people to come and eat by providing separate restaurant. The other most work of this company it is acting as a franchise, it means that, it is an organisation or company which makes the small distributed company or works into the high in market by spreading their products and goods, and also their trademarks. The franchise means that it is a company act between the person who selling their product ideas and names and technology to the person who is going to buy the products and services who sell it to develop the business. The people who are going to start the business like dark kitchen in small investment but want to sell their products high can involve in franchise, so that the small company can use the name of the big company trade name. As people, many people are now interested to do business in dark kitchen as it may helps to use the other branded restaurant name and it will leads to develop the business in high range and spreading the food.

As that way this company leads a success in doing dark kitchen concept, as many people ordering foods. In other terms, the dark kitchen seeks more advantage as they do not want to put more space for eating, as they will not put tables and chairs to eat because it is only an online selling food product. So that, extra space and cost of furnishing and light terms can reduce the pay of cost and helps in making more earning and trade to the company.