Looking Into the Career Path of Carsten Thiel

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Born to parents in the medical field, Carsten Thiel developed an interest in medicine at an early age. He was particularly fascinated about DNA, and could not help but marvel at how genetics could help in identification of the unique characteristics and traits of living creatures. He, therefore, thought that with the right advancements, DNA could also help in identification of the causes of various diseases subsequently leading to innovation of preventive and treatment measures.

Carsten Thiel followed his parents’ footstep but later deviated to biochemistry with emphasis in drug research and development. He excelled greatly in the various scientific disciplines enabling him to carve a niche for himself in the rare diseases and oncological sector.

As the president of the European commercialization, EUSA Pharma, Carsten Thiel has been in the forefront in the fight against Coronavirus.

Coronavirus also known as covid19, was first diagnosed in Wuhan, Hubei province China in December 2019, and has continued to be a worldwide health concern with many countries across the globe reporting new transmissions and deaths related to this virus.

Covid-19 is said to spread through respiratory transmission making it difficult to differentiate it with common flu. Some of its symptoms include; high fever, coughs and shortness of breath.

Current status of corona virus

The outbreak was first reported in Wuhan China, and has continued to spread across borders. Countries worldwide have experienced a soar in the number of new infections and deaths associated with this virus.

 To curb and slow down transmission rates, countries have implemented measures like isolation of infected patients to prevent reinfections, cancellation of schools and work for the safety of its citizens.

Transmission rate is still on the rise especially in the EU/EEA and the UK. It’s estimated to rise in the near future.

Pharma companies interventions

According to Carsten Thiel president of the European commercialization, EUSA Pharm, 40-60% of socially active are likely to get infected. The question however, under what timeline it will happen and for how long.

Thiel is of the opinion that with the warmer weather in May the infection rate will likely dry out with a new outbreak to be experienced during the winter. For him, it is therefore imperative that a vaccine is made available to help strengthen people’s immunity.

Efforts to develop and provide reliable vaccine to its citizens have been initiated by several countries around the globe.

The United States of America

The USA has been part of the solution in the development of a covid-19 vaccine. President Donald Trump has urged the pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their efforts in development of a vaccine.

Carsten Thiel says that there’s been several misperception about the virus. Some people are adhering to the preventive measures therefore helping in reducing the transmission rates. Others, however, are paranoid and more scared than they should be while others don’t really care.

The challenge most pharmaceutical companies are likely to face is producing preventive vaccines for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Drug pricing and implementations in hospitals is also a topic that needs to be addressed in detail.

President Donald Trump is not the only leader in the forefront in the fight of this global pandemic, other leaders from world super powers are also involved in the fight by initiating mass testing, and support in the development of covid-19 vaccine.

More about Carsten Thiel and EUSA

With over 25+ years in the oncology and rare diseases field, Carsten Thiel is not only experienced in the sector, he’s also passionate in his patients’ wellbeing and has handled all his leadership roles with a patient-first outlook.

The staff at EUSA which he heads has also been passionate about their patients’ wellbeing in their day to day activities leading to their excellence in their field. With this culture entwined in their core functions, they are 100% dedicated in improving the overall health.