What Kind of Office Chair You Need? Make Your Choice

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Do you want to buy a new office chair, but you don’t know which one to choose? Here is a short guide to help you make your choice.

What Type Of Office Chair Should You Choose For Your Business?

An office chair is much more than just office furniture. It is part of everyday professional life because you spend long hours there. It influences not only the performance, but also the state of health of its user. The office chair must therefore be of high quality, since comfort and well-being at work depend on it. But making the right choice is not easy. Find out with this step so how to choose a chair intended for use in the office.

What Should You Take Into Account When Choosing An Office Chair?

Classic chair, armchair or ergonomic seat, many choices of office chair are available to the worker. What is more, it is possible to find on specialized sales sites, excellent quality furniture like chairs. But before making any purchase, there are some things to consider. Simply check this website for the perfect office chair choices.

Frequency Of Use And Tilting Mechanism

The first question to ask before any purchase is the average duration of use of the chair per day in order to choose one corresponding to its morphology.

If the choice is for a seat:

For use of less than 4 hours, you must opt ​​for an office chair with a “standard” mechanism. The backrest is fixed and the seat is adjustable in height.

For use of less than 7 hours, you must move to an office chair with a “permanent contact” mechanism. The seat is fixed and the backrest follows the user in his movements and remains in permanent contact with his back for better comfort.

For use longer than 7 hours, it is preferable to choose an ergonomic seat with a “synchronous” mechanism. The backrest and seat tilt in a relationship that offers optimal comfort.

If the choice is on an armchair rather than an office chair:

For a duration of less than 4 hours, a seat model with a “center tilting” mechanism is perfect. The backrest and seat tilt to absorb all movements. For a duration of less than or more than 7 hours, a model with a “tilting axis offset” mechanism is preferable. Here, the axis of rotation allows the feet to remain in contact with the ground regardless of the extent of the swing.

Armrests And Legs

The armrest allows the user to rest his forearms and shoulders, which provides better comfort for the office chair and causes less fatigue. There are various types of armrests for office chairs:

  • fixed armrests: no adjustment possible;
  • 1D armrests: height adjustment;
  • 2D armrests: height and depth adjustment;
  • 3D armrests: adjustment of height, depth and width;
  • 4D armrests: adjustment of the height, depth, width and orientation of each armrest (more details on this).

In addition, whether it is an ergonomic seat or not, to have more stability and avoid back pain, it is preferable to choose a chair or armchair with a tripod base (3 feet), at least. Two types of feet exist:

  • office chair casters which are suitable for movement
  • Skid feet which are used by people performing precision work, such as designers.