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There are a lot to worry about when contracting independently in Turkey. There are complex administrative work to be done, tax issues and many immigration difficulties. If you make mistakes in any of these preparations you may land yourself in legal issues that will cost you a lot of financial troubles. It is imperative to know exactly what you’ll be getting into before considering taking any contract in Turkey.

If you want to have a smooth independent contract in Turkey, you need to have an employer to sponsor you so as to obtain the right and appropriate work visa and work permit. Finding clients willing to sponsor you can be a difficult something when you are working independently in Turkey. However, if you succeed the first time, you will need to find another sponsor when you are taking on a new contract, which can be a tiring process because each sponsor will require additional paperwork.

Besides getting an employer sponsor, are you familiar with the regularities of the tax system in Turkey and your home country’s overseas earning laws? If you are not conversant with all of these, your best option is to have an umbrella company in Turkey. What this company will do for your contracting will surpass just taking care of all tax compliances and other legal requirements, they will also help with your payroll in Turkey also.

How Umbrella Companies Work

Umbrella companies are companies who specialise in helping workers make the most out of their contracts. What these companies do is to help freelance workers tackle all the issues they may come across if they were to do them on their own. They make sure you don’t default in payroll in Turkey as well as other tax related and legal issues that freelance workers may encounter working in Turkey.

The function of an Umbrella Company is to act as your full-time employer, even though you maintain your independence and status as a contractor. This company will collect and filter payments from your clients, removing the necessary social security and fees. They send you payments when you send them your timesheets. Since they are your employer, they will provide one work permit which can cover you for multiple contracts. 

Most of these umbrella companies are Turkish experts equipped with expat tax law, which means they are your best bet if you want to optimise your business earnings in Turkey. Although you are basically an employee under the Umbrella Company, you essentially have the freedom to work even more independently. 

You have full responsibility for all your contracts, you still dictate your contracts, all your schedule and your hours. The primary function of the umbrella company filters out all the time-consuming immigration and administrative issues, which gives you all the time to focus on your contracts.  Azkan Group