What Should You Do When You Have a CCTV Camera?

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There are many reasons why people install a CCTV camera in Singapore. Some have CCTV surveillance to discourage thieves and robbers, while others want to keep tabs on everything. Yet both reasons matter not only for safety but also for peace of mind. That is why when you have a property of your own, you should consider tightening its security measures by installing CCTV cameras. Take note that it is better to be safe than sorry. As a local, you probably have noticed how safe Singapore is, right? That is all thanks to the 108,981 cameras installed all over the country. Therefore, you should at least have one at your property. Just think about how safe your home or office would become if you placed CCTV surveillance. Not only could you keep an eye on shady activities, but you could also have recorded data of what is happening. As such, when something happens, you have enough proof to back up your suspicion. You could also use that to help the police solve the crime around your neighbourhood. Sometimes, you can even use the CCTV camera for lazy purposes. For example, when you want to find things that you have no clue where you place them. With those benefits in mind, would you still hesitate not to get one? If you are interested, you should know a couple more things about CCTV surveillance in Singapore. For starters, here are the things you need to know when you have CCTV cameras. Where Should I Place the CCTV Surveillance? Whether you will be placing CCTV surveillance at home or office, you should instal it at the right place. Take note that the correct placement of CCTV cameras is crucial if you want to keep your property safe and secure. That is why when installing CCTV cameras, place them somewhere out of reach so no one can knock them down or damage them on purpose. Take note that buying CCTV surveillance in Singapore is not that cheap. An ordinary one could cost you around S$22.92 on Shopee, and you never be so sure how safe or sturdy it is. Therefore, you should get yours at a reliable CCTV surveillance company to guarantee its quality. So far, here are five areas where you can place CCTV cameras, whether at home or office. 5-Areas-Where-You-Can-Place-CCTV FRONT DOOR You might think that trespassers always sneak into the side entrance, but you are mistaken. According to the International Association Certified of Home Inspectors, 34% of burglars break into the front door. That means that is likely where criminals strike their first attack. If you were to place a CCTV camera at the main entrance, it would keep tabs on anyone coming in and out. As such, you can quickly identify the facial features of the intruder and could help the police track them down. BACK & SIDE DOOR Doors that are out-of-sight allow anyone to enter through without being noticed, whether someone invites them or not. That is why nearly 22% trespasses through the back door since there is barely anyone there most of the time. To make sure that would not happen at your home or office, install a CCTV camera at the back and side doors. That will discourage criminals from breaking your place. GARAGE & DRIVEWAY Does your home have a garage or driveway? If yes, then you should know that it is one of the common targets of thieves. According to a study from the USA, this area has the weakest entry point, which is why criminals prefer to break into a house here. As a wise owner, your garage or driveway should have good deadbolts on it, so it would be hard for robbers to get into your place. And if they do, there is a CCTV camera that records their misdeed. COMMON AREAS Even though there are no burglars that can step into the kitchen, living room or staircase without going through the doors, the CCTV camera there can keep an eye on your kids. Its purpose is the same if you place them at your office since you can see which employees are not doing their job during working hours. Just make sure when you set them in these common areas, they are out of sight so no one would know that you are watching their back. HALLWAY Besides the common areas, you should also install CCTV cameras around the hallway. Doing so would be hard for anyone to move undetected.  As such, their excuses will not work on you since you can see through what they did. Placing all of the CCTV cameras in these areas ensures that there are no blind spots left behind. As such, no thieves and robbers can intrude and steal from your home or office. Just make sure that every CCTV surveillance you installed in Singapore is on and working at all times. Where-Should-I-Not-Place-the-CCTV-Surveillance-1 Where Should I Not Place the CCTV Surveillance? When there are places where you should install the CCTV cameras, there are also places you should not set them. Like most things, these devices have another side. Even if they are often used to keep everyone safe, CCTV cameras can invade anyone’s privacy if you instal them at the wrong place. As a rightful person, you would not want that to happen. That is why you should take note not to install any CCTV surveillance at these places in Singapore. Two-Places-You-Should-NOT-Place-CCTV-Cameras YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S HOME This one might sound so obvious, but others do not care. Although they have the good intention of installing CCTV cameras, it is still illegal to do so. Here is a report from Channel News Asia, whereas HDB flat owners install CCTV cameras along the common corridors. In the article, you would notice that setting up security cameras is illegal and violates the law. If you still insist on installing one and not inside your neighbour’s home, you should seek approval before doing anything. Besides asking your neighbours, you should also ask the building owner and check the law. Doing so will help you not commit a crime you do not want to happen. BEDROOMS & BATHROOM No matter how much you want to keep an eye on your children and senior parents or employees, you should respect their privacy. As much as possible, do not install any CCTV cameras in their bedrooms and especially the bathroom. Otherwise, they might sue you and misinterpret your goodwill. Again, before installing CCTV surveillance in these places, you should think more than twice whether what you are doing is appropriate and does not violate the law. If you are having trouble, you should ask your family and friends about your plan. They can help you decide what is right and wrong. How-Should-I-Install-CCTV-Surveillance How Should I Install CCTV Surveillance? Once you have bought enough security cameras from a CCTV surveillance company, you should decide where to place them. If you have no idea, consider reading the first part of this article again. There you would know the areas where you should rightfully place the security cameras. Now you know where you could place the security cameras, make sure to follow this guideline. Doing so eases your mind that no blind spots are left behind to keep your home or office safe. FOR-OUTDOOR-SECURITY-PLACEMENT FOR OUTDOOR SECURITY PLACEMENT EIGHT TO TEN FEET FROM THE GROUND If you place the CCTV camera at this range, you can guarantee that no one can reach it. Even if they do, they would have a hard time tampering. Besides, there are rarely eight feet tall people in Singapore. That means they would become noticeable if they were the ones breaking in. NEVER POINT IT DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Just like in digital cameras, against the light is a big NO-NO. If you install the CCTV cameras this way, there is a high chance you would not be able to see anything. If you do, it would only be a shadow of light and not the clear image of the intruders. That is why you should set it up somewhere not pointed directly at the sun or other forms of light. To guarantee that, you should consider the movement of the sun. That will help you grasp where you should place your CCTV cameras outside your home or office. FOR-INDOOR-SECURITY-PLACEMENT FOR INDOOR SECURITY PLACEMENT OPT FOR CORNERS If you ask any CCTV surveillance company, they would say the same thing—corners are your best friends. In these areas, you could see the entire room without leaving so many blind spots. As such, no intruders can slip through your security measures. KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS Since lights pass through windows, the CCTV cameras you installed in these areas would have reflection issues. That means your footage would look washed out. In other words, everything is white, and you can never tell if there is any person on that video. ANGLE FOR INDIRECT LIGHT If you instal the CCTV camera this way, the footage will not look washed out, and you can see the movement of anyone in front of the lens. If you have more questions on how to install security cameras, ask a reliable CCTV surveillance company. If you buy things from them, they might help you install them and maintain the condition of your security cameras. What-Are-the-Common-Problems-With-CCTV-Surveillance-and-How-Should-I-Fix-It What Are the Common Problems With CCTV Surveillance and How Should I Fix It? Once you have CCTV cameras installed at home or office, it is your responsibility to maintain its condition. Well, not unless you are willing to hire a professional to do the maintenance and repair on your behalf. Nevertheless, here are the common problems of CCTV surveillance and how you can fix them on your own. THE COLOURS ON MY CCTV CAMERA ARE OFF Does the footage of your security camera remind you of the movies in the 1960s? If yes, there is a high chance it has a problem with its white balance setting. To solve this problem, here are the things you need to do.
  • If your CCTV camera does not have AWB or ATW support, adjust its white balance manually until the colours become normal.
  • Meanwhile, if your CCTV camera has an additional colour setting, you need to change its parameter until the colours return to normal.
THERE ARE GLITCHES ON MY CCTV VIDEOS If you are not familiar with the word glitches, it is a term used to describe horizontal lines on the screen. The more glitches there are, it would be hard to distinguish fine details. You might not be able to see an actual object or people on the footage. But fret not since you can troubleshoot this problem.
  • Check the cables since there is a chance they have damages.
  • See if there are electrical lights that fall directly in front of the CCTV camera. If you see a bunch, kindly remove them.
If none of these tricks works, ask an expert to come and check your CCTV cameras right away. Take note that sometimes, you need to seek help from others to solve the problem. That is why do not hesitate to call a CCTV surveillance company if something went wrong with your security cameras. What-Should-I-Do-When-My-CCTV-Surveillance-Is-Not-Working-at-All What Should I Do When My CCTV Surveillance Is Not Working at All? It depends on your situation. But if your CCTV surveillance in Singapore is beyond repair, you might want to consider buying new ones. Though make sure you get them from a reliable supplier. That gives you peace of mind since most suppliers offer warranties on their products. But if that option is too much for your budget, consider letting an expert repair your CCTV surveillance. Take note that the hands of professionals are different from your skills. Even if you follow all the DIY repair videos on YouTube, they are more skilled and experienced when fixing and maintaining security cameras. Just in case you are wondering who can help you repair and maintain your CCTV camera in Singapore, go to One Stop Office Solution. They are a CCTV surveillance company that does not only sell security cameras but also offer technical support.