Why Thread Compound Is Important In Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects

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Many equipment failures in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects are due to inappropriate or insufficient thread compound application. This downtime can be incredibly costly in terms of time and money. The longevity of a driller’s investment is ensured by protecting pipe threads from damage.

Thread compounds, commonly known as pipe dopes, are essential for guaranteeing proper pipe connection makeup and a safe breakout. Specialty thread compounds are also manufactured using a blend of powdered particles, grease, lubricating fluid, and soluble additive boosters to:

Improved Lubricity

One of the primary purposes of using a thread compound is to improve lubricity (reduce friction) between the running pipe and drill bit. This is especially important when it runs into or through formations that are hard, inconsistent, or abrasive. The reduced friction will result in an increased product flow rate.

Reduced Friction

Thread compound is important in horizontal directional drilling projects because it reduces friction—which means better, smoother performance from your drill pipe and bit. This also ensures the longevity of the drill bits because it allows for the containment of loose rocks and debris, maintaining stability throughout drilling operations.

Better Hole Quality

Multiple studies have shown that using a thread compound can improve hole quality by 25% or more. This is mainly due to the friction-reducing effect of thread compound. A lower friction will help stabilize the rotating drill pipe against the bore wall, resulting in “smoother” walls and/or less damage to the formation.

Shear Strength

Thread compound will increase in viscosity and strength in high-temperature environments, which can make it effective in providing shear strength for running tools and drill pipes. This means that you can extend the running time of your downhole tools and ensure a smoother operation without any issues.

Better Handling

The use of thread compound on horizontal directional drilling operations will help reduce thread galling, seizing or welding as well as provide improved lubrication, which makes it easier to handle the drill string. There is no need for heavy work-overs to fix these issues as they will be kept at a minimum with the use of thread compound.

In summary, you should consider using a thread compound on your next directional drilling project for better quality and increased drill string handling.