Joey Horn and the Mother2Mother Foundation

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Joey Horn is a renowned businesswoman who has specialized in business administration and management. Joey Horn now works at Oak management as their managing director. This is a firm that deals with investment management and is located on Oslo, Norway. Joey Horn has tremendous experience in both profit and non- profit sectors.

Joey horn grew up in Paris and is fully aware of the Indian heritage. Joey has three children and is married to a Norwegian citizen. She is fluent in many languages including French. She loves to travel and explore the world a good reason as to why she is fluent in all these languages. She graduated in 1987 from Williams college and immediately began her professional journey. She got a chance to work at smith barney, Harris Upham &Co. Inc. This company dealt with investment banking. She has worked for many other companies after that. Joey is a dedicated philanthropist and has done a lot of volunteer work meant to help the low privileged in society.

Recently, an article published gave out a story about two women on a similar goal. Joey Horn and Nalini Malani embarked on a voyage to motivate and helpful acts to women. All over the globe, the female gender faces problems and gender inequalities. Most have tried to conquer this by championing human rights, and the female gender is relentlessly joining hands to change the situation.

Among such women is Joey Horn who has sacrificed her time and efforts to advocate these causes by using and involving humane institution. Joey has come from a humble background and teaming up Nalini Malani will be a considerable fulfillment. For the two humanitarian champions, inspiration and motivation for the female gender who have been in such hardships without success is the key. They use their special knowledge and resources to give chances, assets and equalities to women, especially the marginalized women.

As a humanitarian, she has helped a lot of women by participating in the worldwide organization Mothers2Mothers. This institution was established to put a stop to the widespread HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. She does this by distribution of funds, knowledge and chances for women. This organization gives job opportunities to women and mothers battling with HIV/AIDs. They work from door to door basis and have a medical setting that helps give mentor ship, support as well as information to individuals of a particular community.

By giving them a chance to get a stable income as well as being committed to work gives them a sense of belonging. They are also able to think forward about their future and what they would want to achieve in the long run. The women feel uplifted by the lifesaving resources that this organization gives them. Ever since this foundation was formed back in the year 2001, it has been able to reach over 11 million women across sub-Saharan Africa. Joey directly participates in this organization by raising funds to support this organization. Through this, the organization has been able to impact a lot of women and has helped Joey anchor her network and continued efforts to come up with a female-focused organization.

Joey Horn has dramatically influenced the lives of many people in society by taking part in ensuring that the future of most women in society is taken care of. She is truly an asset to society. Her philanthropic work and efforts have proven that it is not hard to issue a lending hand. If leaders could only emulate her, then the people would be promised of not only a better tomorrow but one with a light of hope to many.