Laws Protecting Employees From Discrimination 

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Discrimination against employees has been an issue for a long time. It can be seen in diverse industries people are discriminated against based on their sex, race, disabilities, etc. It is essential that any such discrimination is not tolerated in the workplace and that strict actions be taken against it. In Knoxville, Tennessee, both state and federal laws prohibit discrimination. 

Tennessee Human Rights Commission is one such agency at the state level that regulates laws against discrimination. Employees must remain aware of their rights and safeguard them. The Ebbert Law Firm recognizes various workplace-related issues and thoroughly examines them to determine the right solution for them. 

Let us look at various laws that protect against discrimination in workplaces: 

  • Protecting older people working in different industries 

A law is there that ensures no such discrimination is made on the basis of age. Age Discrimination in Employment Act ensures that those who are above 40 or over 40 years of age are not discriminated against while a company is hiring or promoting employees or providing compensation. They should get equal chances to get promoted, be employed at a firm, and seek reasonable compensation. It is usually seen in industries where there are larger groups of old employees. 

  • Collecting genetic information and using it for hiring individuals 

No genetic information must become the basis of the selection of workers. If the company still gets the genetic information about the employee, it must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone. Employment decisions should not be made based on a person’s genetic information. 

  • Discrimination based on pregnancy or childbirth

Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an employer cannot discriminate against a woman based on her pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnant ladies should also be equal to any other employee in the workplace. Moreover, this act also prohibits employers from not selecting someone because she is pregnant. Maternity leaves should be given to pregnant ladies. Pregnancy should be treated equal to any other temporary disability. 

  • Discrimination against disabled people

A person should not be discriminated against based on their disability, and this remains for all public areas; the job also comes under it. The hiring system should be based on skill sets and qualifications. The hiring must be done based on qualifications rather than the disability of the person. It comes under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is based on providing equal opportunities to disabled persons as one would provide to any other individual. 

  • Hire an attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee, to file a case against discrimination!

An attorney can present your case by collecting evidence to support your case. The lawyer will provide solutions to your needs and attend to all of your queries throughout the process.