What are the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Fort Wayne?

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Car accidents are a common occurrence. In Fort Wayne, car accidents have been the cause of many deaths recently. The aftermath of a car accident can be difficult to deal with if injuries are inflicted. Accidents in Fort Wayne can occur for a number of different reasons, ranging from human errors to poor road conditions. 

In any case of a car accident, it is important to speak with an experienced Fort Wayne car accident lawyer who is well-versed in car accident laws. A car accident lawyer can help victims obtain compensation for damages caused by an accident.

For now, we will see into the common causes of car accidents in Fort Wayne.

  1. Distracted driving

Driving can be a dangerous task if a driver is distracted. Common distractions include using cell phones and reading or texting. Drivers who are distracted and inattentive can cause accidents. To avoid being at risk of a crash, drivers should be attentive to their surroundings and follow the rules of the road.

  1. Speeding

Speeding is a factor that can lead to car accidents. Drivers who speed, especially in dangerous curves, can cause accidents. Speed limits are established for a reason and drivers should not exceed those speeds. Traffic laws are designed to reduce the number of accidents on the road, and drivers should remember that speed kills. If a driver overspeeds, they could potentially cause an accident.

  1. Driving under influence

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also a common cause of car accidents. Alcohol impairs drivers, and they cannot control their actions. They could increase the chance of running into another vehicle, leading to an accident. Drivers who are under the influence are not in control and are likely to run into other drivers on the road. 

  1. Fatigued driving

Fatigued drivers often cannot pay enough attention to the road and may not see other vehicles. This can result in collisions. During long commutes and other long distances, exhaustion can set in and cause a driver to be drowsy. They lose focus on the road, leading to an accident.

  1. Poor road conditions

Road conditions can cause car accidents. Bad weather can also cause the road to be slippery, making it more dangerous. Some drivers may not notice road conditions. This can lead to an accident. Drivers should be aware of road conditions and avoid speeding on slippery roads and other poor road conditions.