Personal injury lawsuit in Philadelphia: Finding the right lawyer

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When you have sustained injuries in a distressing accident in Philadelphia, your immediate concern should be your recovery. Even when your injuries don’t seem that severe, consult a doctor immediately. In case of a car crash, call 911 immediately from the scene. As the situation demands, inform the local law enforcement agency and get a copy of the police report. You should also consider consulting one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. Not all attorneys are equal in terms of expertise and experience, and it is wise to review your options. In this quick post, we are sharing more on finding a reliable attorney for your lawsuit. 

  1. Make a list. If you know people in Philadelphia who have worked with accident lawyers in the past, you can rely on references. If that’s not an option, the internet is beaming with options. Top personal injury law firms in the state have websites, and websites like Nolo offer ready listings of local attorneys. Make a list of at least two to three attorneys for consideration. 
  2. Call their office. The response from a personal injury attorney is a key factor to consider. It is best to investigate the accident immediately to gather key evidence. Call the attorney’s office and check if you can get access to the lawyer. Don’t wait for too long to get through to the attorney. 
  3. Meet the lawyer. Meeting a personal injury lawyer in person is as important. The initial consultation is more about finding the worth of your claim and understanding the attorney’s expertise. Ask about their work profile and if they have the time required for the case. 
  4. Know the success rate. The success of a lawyer can be measured through their cases and settlements. You can ask about their landmark cases and the top verdicts/settlements they have achieved for their clients. You can also get a few references. 
  5. Check for reviews. If an attorney is experienced and popular, they will have positive reviews on top websites and search engines. Independent reviews posted by clients are effective indicators of an attorney’s credibility. 

Finally, ask the lawyer if they have taken personal injury claims to court. Some cases require an aggressive approach at the trial, and you need an attorney who can represent you in such circumstances. Don’t forget to ask about their contingency fee and other case expenses. Most lawyers usually charge 25-40% of the final settlement as their fee.