Pet Testing In Singapore: 7 Services Offered In A Pet Clinic

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If you are thinking of having a pet, you must be ready about the things that could keep them healthy. You can give them a home, ensure they eat healthy foods, and make them play with you. But aside from these things, you should also be aware of their health. Your pet can experience health conditions that no pet owners want them to have, especially if it is life-threatening. With this, pet testing is available in Singapore.


There are various ways to guarantee that your pet is healthy. Some of what you can do are give them healthy food, keep them hydrated, and buy pet supplements. Going to a pet clinic to check with a veterinarian is also part of the list, and let your pet get the testing they need. Even if they do not show signs of any health condition, checking with a professional is still necessary. They are the ones who know what to do with your pet to keep them safe from health problems. But to give you an idea, here are some of the services they do:


If your pet is already having problems with pregnancy, this procedure is what the veterinarian would do. But if there is a way to save the pregnancy, they would perform it. Complications also happen to pets if they are pregnant, so watch out for their health. Offer them the supplements they need and ensure they are healthy. Just like humans, they need extra care because they also become sensitive.


If humans can perform some teeth health checks, pets can also have it. Dental scaling for dogs is available to ensure that they will not experience tooth issues. Tartar is the target of this test, so this procedure only takes 45 minutes to an hour. Spending your day with the veterinarian is one of the things you and your pet should not miss. They can help you with many things, especially keeping your pet safe and healthy.


Another procedure they do is prolapsed third eyelid repair. If you notice that your pet has red eyes, check it with a veterinarian immediately. This treatment is surgical, so you must prepare your pet for it. Also, know the aftercare because it is where you will see how your pet responds to the procedure.


Anal gland expression in dogs is also available to ensure that they will not have issues with their bowel movement. They will be away from bacteria and infection that causes severe health conditions. Check with the veterinarian monthly to ensure they are safe from health issues.



Even pets can have injuries, especially if they are active or spending time with others. Some activities might cause wounds, so checking with a pet clinic is essential. Some pet owners do the easy steps at home, but getting the assistance of a professional is still necessary. They can detect if there is an infection in the wound and what treatment your pet must undergo.


When talking about immunity in pets, the titer test is there to help. This procedure guarantees that your pet is immune, even if it received a vaccination. Check for a titer test for dogs to keep them healthy.


If your pet experiences dislocation on the hip, this method is the one for them. Fur parents who do not want their pets to undergo surgery can breathe because this treatment is non-surgical. Your pet will also not feel pain because it uses anaesthesia.

Pet testing in Singapore has different kinds, so choose what your pet needs. You do not need to know everything because the veterinarian will help you learn the condition and what appropriate actions you need to take. Follow what the professionals say because those can help you and your pet in the future.


Pet owners go to a veterinarian for many reasons, and one is to ensure they give proper care to their dogs and cats. Pet testing is available in Singapore, so you will not have problems looking for a pet clinic. To help you and your pet prepare, here are the things you need to remember before visiting a veterinarian:

  • BRING YOUR PET’S HEALTH RECORDS. It will be the basis of the veterinarian about their condition and what procedure they need to have. If your pet had health problems before that affected them too much, going to a pet clinic will give you more understanding about how to take care of them.
  • LIST DOWN THE SYMPTOMS they had for the past days to give the veterinarian an idea about their condition. Also, learn how long they have been experiencing the issues.
  • TELL THEM THE MEDICINES YOUR PET TAKES because it could affect the effectiveness of the new medication they will take. Some pets might also react differently to treatments, and their medicine could be the reason.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH before doing anything for your pet. It is also how you can find a pet clinic and veterinarian you can trust. But if you already have one before, they can be your guide.
  • By doing your research, you will know their condition but never diagnose them. Those can be harmful, especially if your pet needs surgery and thorough treatment. PREPARE YOUR QUESTIONS before going to the pet clinic. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the veterinarian because those can help you be more aware of how to take care of your pet.

Understanding what you need to do before visiting a pet clinic can help you prepare for the things your pet will undergo. The mood you will show your pet is what they can absorb, so ensure that you do not make them feel alone and nervous. If you notice blood in your dog or their stool, visit the website of My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery