What Can You Really Expect with an Accountant? Your Main Questions Answered

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Some of us may already be familiar with the basics of accounting, but not many of us can say that we are experts at it. Accounting can be even more difficult to deal with if you are running a business because you will also have to handle your tax returns, audits, payroll, budgeting and financial planning, invoicing, and so on. All of these tasks and primary responsibilities can quickly add up, and if you have to keep track of your financial transactions at the same time, it can be downright challenging. But this is where an accountant’s services will always prove welcome. But what can you really expect with an accountant? Here, your main questions are answered.

  • Help with your financial plans

First of all, accountants are different from bookkeepers in that bookkeepers can simply record your transactions and keep an eye on your books as well as take care of your payroll, your invoices, and your balances. An accountant is different in that they can do all of the above – but they can also help you with your financial planning. Your accountant will understand everything there is to understand about your finances, thereby understanding your future needs and requirements and helping you map out your financial plans for the future.

If you want your business enterprise to grow, a sound financial plan is crucial, and this includes planning your budget as carefully as possible. With an accountant such as central London accountants from a firm like Griffin, Stone, Moscrop & Co, you can make major decisions such as hiring new employees or making investments more easily.

  • Stay on top of legalities

If you would like to ensure that you are on the right side, legally speaking, then an accountant can do a lot for you as well. Self-employed individuals, for instance, can be regulated under different legislation, and if you try to understand it all on your own, it can be difficult and may result in fines and penalties as well. Some business owners can also fail to have employers’ liability insurance for their staff, which is a legal requirement.

An accountant can help you in terms of deciding on the legal structure of your business, too. If you are a sole trader right now, you may find that it would be wiser to become a limited company based on the recommendations of your accountant because it is better for your taxes, and it may also increase your profit.

  • Have more time for your business – and yourself

The different aspects of running a business can take up a vast amount of your precious time, and while this is all well and good and ensures business growth if you still have to take care of your finances on top of your business dealings, then you will hardly have time for anything else. Having an accountant can definitely help you save time as they take care of and keep track of your records and make sure that your financial transactions are updated. And when tax time comes, you also want to make sure that your taxes are filed correctly; an accountant can help you avoid mistakes and late payment fines as well.